GCD: Inter-Cultural Communication (Core Values)

A memorable time when I interacted with a different culture than mine, was when I went to Thailand. The annual field studies trip that year was actually overseas in Phuket. I decided to go on this trip because the itinerary stated that we would be able to spend quality time with the local orphanages and […]

Grade 9 First Few Weeks Reflection

There were some high and low points these few weeks. The high points were, I met new friends and followed along with homework. But some low points were that some of the homework were hard and I couldn’t meet all the new kids on the first week. I plan to organize my homework by writing […]

Comic Timeline

Ancient comics date back to the days of the Greek gods. It is believed that the best playwrights were the Aristophanes and he was well known to be a comedy master. His comedies were focused on making fun of philosophers, politicians and much more. This type of comedy is very similar to modern day comedy. […]

Mise en Train Chapter 9

1. Hélène’s weekend was boring since she just watch tv, did home works, and read books. 2. Magali had a great weekend since she met Ahmed who is very nice and went to a theatre 3. I think Magali like Ahmed since she said that he was nice and cute. 4. Magali had to hang up […]

On explore la Côte d’Ivoire !

First of all, there are many special food products that are special to Côte d’Ivoire. Some of them are: •Alloko •Yassa •Maffe •Kedjenou And many more. Some of these products are used as normal meals and some of them are for snacks. Such as Alloco is a snack product where there it is a fried banana. […]

Mise en Train Chapter 8

1.  1. Around the morning 2. To go buy groceries because she wants to make a traditional dish 3. Fish, peanut paste, onions, tomatoes and lemons 4. The english teacher comes to the house 5. That someone was going to be invited for lunch 2. 1. faux 2. vrai 3. faux 4. faux 5. faux […]

Gapminder Indicators

The 2 indicators I chose were: Population Growth (annual %) and Life Expectancy (years). The countries I chose were Japan and Sri Lanka The major difference I recognized was how Sri Lanka was difficult to catch up to Japan speed on life expectancy. As Japan went flying on with life expectancy and having the expectancy […]

Character Scene Reflection

In my opinion, I think that my group did very well in acting wise of this skit. I think that we really did a great job on acting out each of our individual parts. Adding on, for my acting of the dad, I think I have done a fantastic job overall but specifically I have […]