PHUKET- Reflection

This year in 2016 i got the chance to go with the school to Phuket . Before i went i thought it was going to be very fun and different and an adventure but i was also very worry because i knew i was going to come out of my confort zone and do things that i have never done before for example snorkaling , hiking ,painting the school and playing with kids that i have never seen before that don’t speak english . To be honest i was very nerves for all of this and scared that i wouldn’t be able to do it but i was willing to try . i was in the ¬†group that first got to see the kids they came in a line and they started to look at they gym and how big it was they were amazed but they looked scared because they had never seen us before and they didn’t speak english while we were all speaking english we stared to try and speak english with them but we knew they wouldnt understand so we did hand gestures ¬†and demonstrate first what they had to do then they would understand . it was very interesting communicating with them like that but they were just adorable i loved playing with them and seeing how they were with simple things it was very heart warming helping out .

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