Spanish Reflection 2017

1- How did you feel during the learning experience? Why did you feel this way?

I felt like it was a good learning experiance to learn about commands , direct and indirect object , prederit past tense , expressions and conjagations.

2-Write a headline of no more than 10 words to summarize your learning this unit.

Spanish has now come to command you

3-How is what you have learned relevant to other classes/material you are learning?

The expresions from the past ,frequenci and sequenci are similar to the expresions in english that we use in our every day conversations.

4- Does what you have learned have any moral, religious, or ethical implications? What are they?

Yes it has ethical implications because we learned how to use the past tense and by using this we can commuicate are selves better in spanish with the direct object and indirect object and irregular verb .

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