Reflection with the Kindergartners

For one of our tutor periods we went to a kindergarten class to read with them.When we first got there we stood in a line and introduced our selves to them.The teachers after that assigned us each to a student.I got assigned to Yuri a really cute and sweet little girl in the beginning she seemed a little shy but after introducing my self properly and talking to her a little and getting know her she wasn’t shy anymore .After that I started to read this fictional story that the main characters were penguins and it was really interesting to see how when the penguin decided to use fish on there feet instead of skis she would comment with me that those penguins weren’t very smart because the fish is wobbly and of course he would  slip and loose the race. I found it very interesting that at that age , the age of 5 she can understand that just wasn’t a good idea and they should have just used normal skis.Overall it was really fun and i’m so glad i  got to meet her and get to know her a little.

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