Three Approaches to Learning that I have chosen to show my proficiency in are: research, organization and communication.



One of the projects I had to do for Individuals and Societies (I&S) was to investigate a current event and then to write an essay about that current event in class. We had to document four texts or images that we would be discussing in the essay. I decided to talk about the appointment of Martin Selmayr as the new Secretary-General of the European Commission in March 2018. However, as many people and newspapers have very different views when it comes to Europe, the reliability of the sources played a very important role in the analysis of the appointment. By researching the backgrounds of the sources I increased the reliability of my analysis.

For English we had to research a female poet and analyse a number of her poems. I had chosen Rupi Kaur, because I found her minimalistic and modern poems very interesting. Though, the public opinion was extremely divided over the quality of her poems. Some people, including me, were very enthusiastic, because the minimalistic and modern style makes her poems more approachable for people who are usually not very interested in poems. Others found that the reason why her poems were so minimalistic was because she lacked talent to write what they called ‘real poems’. In order to be able to give a good analysis of Kaur’s background, I had to research the background of the sources as well. Just like in the I&S project, this increased the reliability of my analysis.



For Design we had the opportunity to choose our own projects. I chose to make what I called a “Candle Board”; sort of a wooden box that is open at the front and is divided into small cube-shaped sections, in which you can put small tealights and so create light patterns. However, we had a limited amount of time to make the final product and a promotional video. In order to make sure that I would get everything finished in time, I wrote a detailed step-by-step plan including the amount of time and resources I would need. Whenever I did not meet a certain deadline, for instance the time that I used a certain type of wood that did not work well for the construction of the Candle Board, I immediately adapted my plan in order to still be able to reach my goals. I managed to finish everything in time and I was very happy with the result. My final achievement level for the ATL Organization in Design was ‘Highly Developed’.

For I&S we had to make a video about a mental disorder. My project partner, J.I., and I decided to make a video about bulimia nervosa. We were both very busy at that time, so we tried to work as effective and efficient as possible in class. We divided the remaining work that had to be done equally between the two of us. Everything went as planned; we both finished the work we had to do in time, so we had enough time to record the video together. Unfortunately, the recorder did not work as well as we had hoped, so we had to meet again after school. Eventually we finished everything in time and we were both happy with the result. My final achievement level for the ATL Organization in I&S was ‘Highly Developed’.



For Science for the Physics electricity unit we had to write a lab report. My lab report was called “Making a heater: observing the applied voltage and temperature change” and I think I can say I communicated the ideas clearly. I made sure that it contained all necessary general information (e.g. title, name, date etc.), that the tables were not split up over two pages, that the spelling was correct and that the font and font size of the headings, sub-headings and text were consistent. My final achievement level for the ATL Communication in Science was ‘Highly Developed’.

A project we had to do for French was to give a presentation about a French castle of our own choice. I chose to talk about Château de Cheverny, located in Cheverny, a city in the Loire Valley. I decided not to use any notes while presenting. At first I was a little anxious to do the entire presentation by heart, because French words and sentences can become very difficult to pronounce when you get nervous. However, everything went exactly as I had hoped; I barely had any problems pronouncing words and I only forgot to say a few minor things, but I do not think anyone noticed. My final achievement level for the ATL Communication in French was ‘Highly Developed’.