Field Studies


I am looking forward to basically everything except for the fact that I won’t be able to see my dog for a week. I am looking forward to being with all my friends and finally being able to talk to them more as most of my very good friends are in different classes. But all the outdoor activities seem very fun and I am excited to do them. I’m not very scared of all the activities unlike some people and I think it will be a great experience; being able to try new things. I am also not very opposed to getting our phones taken away as I also think it’ll be a great experience for some and could teach us new things.


Field studies was amazing, we made so many new memories and the all activities made us challenge our selfs. We tested our selfs everyday, and expanded our comfort zone. One of the activities we did was the team building exercise. It was challenging because I didn’t know all the people in my group and I felt kind of out of place, but in the end we had something to relate on and we were able to bond over that. We can use the skills we learnt in this exercise in real life in situations such as meeting new people or going to a new school. My favourite activity was the canyoning as it was the most thrilling. We jumped off cliffs, slid down water falls and  swam in freezing water. We learned that over coming our fears was important.

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