Japan & Saudi Arabia

Before in the 1930’s there used to be a huge difference between Japan and Saudi Arabia, Japan leading in most indicators such as Infant Mortality Rate, GDP per capita, Human Development Index (HDI), Life expectancy and Literacy Rate. But after Saudi Arabia discovered it’s oil and started trading with more countries, the economy and the whole country developed. A price improvement around 1980 during the Iran-Iraq War brought Saudi Arabia to what has been its economic peak (in terms of per capita income).

HDI and life expectancy

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HDI affects life expectancy as the better the HDI, the safer and cleaner place is and people live longer. Here it clearly shows that the HDI and life expectancy rate has a strong connection and effects both in a positive manner. The higher the HDI is the higher the life expectancy was. Although now Saudi Arabia is now where Japan used to be in 1980, looking at the straight upwards line Saudi Arabia is following, it is very possible for them to catch up to us or keep following in Japan’s footsteps until Japan’s development steadies and Saudi Arabia catches up.

Child mortality rate and child fertility rate

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Child morality and child fertility rate are as child morality is how many kids are born and child fertility is  annual number of births per thousand population, basically measuring how large the families are. Between 1980 and 2011 the change in Saudi Arabia was drastic. The total fertility only 35 years ago was around 7 is now decreased to 2.5 and the child morality used to be around 100 is now lowered to 9. A huge improvement in development is seen during this time in Saudi Arabia. Although Japan doesn’t have as big of an improvement as Saudi, Japan had an bump of improvement from around 1985 to 1890.


GDP per capita and infant mortality 

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GDP influences infant mortality rate as the richer the country is, in most cases the better the lifes of the people are. Making it a better place to live and less kids die as it is safer, cleaner, and over all better. Japan moves in a circle but in the end the trend is that both lines goes up. In the beginning during the world war 2 where Japan participated, there is no pattern. Saudi Arabia from half way goes up and continues o grow to this day.

  1. There were a few grammatical mistakes but overall it was a great and detailed explanation of Saudi Arabia and Japan. I think that there was a potential for 1 or 2 more examples but I still think that in terms of detail you did a great job.

  2. I agree about your idea about Saudi Arabia catching up with Japan after they discovered oil and that they are still improving. But maybe you can add more detail about Saudi Arabia’s increase and development for the indicators, and some similarities if there are any.

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