Music Reflection

In this unit, we created our own pop song using a bass line, a melody, and harmony. We learned about triads and inversions in the beginning of the unit and worked on our song in the rest. I was in a group with William and Jan for the pop song. We created an introduction however because that didn’t work as planned, we struggled with continuing the song. Although in the end, we were able to finish it on time.

Triads are set of three notes that can be stacked in thirds. From the bottom, the notes are called root, third, and fifth. These notes are chosen from a certain scale. For example for the c triad, the c scale is used and all the notes used are from the scale. For the chords, we used the c, f, g and a minor triads.

I think my strongest skill in this project was collaboration. My group and I communicated our ideas well and worked well together. However, one major factor that could be improved was staying on task. Because we worked so well together, often times the conversation would get off track and we wouldn’t be productive as intended. 

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