Memory Article

Synapses: a joined point between two nerve cells, made up of a minute gap across where impulses pass by the diffusion of a neurotransmitter

Potentiation: The increase in strength of pathways along nerve impulses which have been used previously, either short-term or long-term.

Rapport: A harmonious relationship in which people or groups understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well.

Cognitive: concerned with the act or process of knowing/perceiving

Consolidated: making an object physically stronger or more solid.

To remember something your brain goes through the following process. First, your brain consciously registers the memory, this is called encoding. Next, the brain must consolidate the memory. The last step is called retrieval.

The best way to improve your memory is to keep remembering the same thing, over and over. This strengthens the neural pathway to the memory. There are other things you can do to improve your memory; get a regular sleep pattern, eat a balanced diet, and exercise often. Oh and keep your brain active, this will actually increase the physical size of your brain.

Nature vs. Nurture

It is scientifically proven that people grow into who they are from both nature and nurture influences. Nature (genetics) mostly forming the appearance, and nurture forming the personality. However, both nature and nurture can influence appearance, personality and many other things as well.

The nature argument is that people are born with a set of genetics and grow in a certain way based on their genetics. In support of this argument, a study was conducted by Cambridge where baby girls were dressed in so-called “boy clothes” to play boys and the the boys were dressed in “girl clothes” to play girls. The adults who were taking care of the children tended to give the boys truck toys, and girls, dolls even when they refused. This shows that from a young age, children are influenced by adults who push gender stereotypes.

The nurture argument is that people get influenced by their environment, and that is what shapes who they are and become.  In support of this argument, another study was conducted by Cambridge where monkeys were given the same boy and girl toys as the previous experiment to test which toys each gender would prefer. This resulted in male monkeys taking the blue and green trucks while the girls took pink fluffy animals. This proves the nature argument to be correct in a way as monkeys are very similar to us humans brains.

Although both of these studies prove both of the points, neither are able to cross out the other argument. This is because both of the arguments are valid as both nature and nurture influence the person in different ways.