Global Citizen Diploma Reflection on Wellness

In my sophomore year, I have gained multiple knowledge on wellness in PSHE(Physical Social Health Education) class. PSHE class was a easy class to learn as we were not expected to have extended knowledge on every unit to get tested on. We were asked to research a few definitions and small homework sometimes but they were helpful knowledge and will surely help me personally in the future.

Introducing what we learned in PSHE class, we learned how important it is to have protected sexual intercourse. We had a unit on learning the consequences of unprotected sexual intercourse. Every student in the class were assigned a type of sexually transmitted disease such as HIV/aids and we had to explain the definition of it to the class. This helped us gain more knowledge on sexual diseases and this is going to be helpful in the future for better decision making.

Memory system- Psychology

Definition of 5 psychological vocabularies-

Neurons – Cell that transmits information to other nerve cells.

Neurotransmitters- Chemical that communicates through nerve cells

Long-term potentiation- It is a power of brain cells that lets it increase the strength between 2 or more brain cells.

Nerve cells- They send signals/messages to the brain.

Memory- A storage where you keep all the highlights that happened in the past.

Paragraph description

Memories work based on the connections between neurons. You would usually ignore if your reminder reminds you of taking a shower, but it’s likely that you would take a shower if your mom shouts at you 10 times in front of your room saying “Take a shower!!”. Those connections between neurons are called long-term potentiation(LTP). They communicate with other neurons through neurotransmitters. According to William Griffith, Ph.D., a cellular neuroscientist, if you maintain the LTP, your memory can be formed. According to Griffith, “When you look at or smell something, it contributes to your memory of an event”. This means you can build up memory by smelling, looking, or hearing something when an event happened. Behaviours such as addiction could affect memories as well. Although the reason is unknown yet. The science behind memory is very complicated and complexed so there are many more to be studied in the future. “There should be more researches done on how our brain generates and, consolidates and retrieves memories.” said Griffith.





During the expeditions, I learned a lot of things that will help me in the future as well. Well it all begins with my decision of going to Phuket or Niigata and I hesitated before deciding where to go because I wanted to go to Niigata and do physical activities but at the same time I also wanted to go to Phuket because it sounded fun and I knew that it was going to be a “once in awhile experience”. After thinking for awhile, I started talking to my parents about my decision and decide to go to Phuket because it will support me to go to a good University.

On the first day, we met at the airport and everyone was really excited about the trip. The plane ride was really fun because you wouldn’t experience going on an airplane with 32 people you are familiar with. It was fun at the Bangkok airport having dinner with friends and first time spending bahts.

The second day was basically when the trip started for real. We met the burmese mon School students and we played a lot of physical activities with them and they enjoyed it a lot. This was a hard thing to do because there was a language barrier and we had to act out what we’re trying to say instead of talking verbally.

The Rainforest hike was the hardest thing we did in Phuket because the course was literally a survival course. There were spikes everywhere, raining, slippery, and it was very challenging until we came back. The mangrove planting taught me that working as a whole group makes everything move faster.

The coral reef was really beautiful but the boat ride wasn’t great at all to be honest. I had troubles avoiding looking at the sea and I got seasick. Although the sea was really great and beautiful. I am glad that I got to swim there. The bowling was fun too.

Lastly, playing with the sos children was really fun too. Or should I say playing with childrens is fun even though there is a language barrier because teaching them new things make us happy and them too.

Overall, the trip was really fun and we learned how fun service activities can be.


In class, we’ve been studying about psychology and it’s been very interesting so far. According to some experiments that have been going on to find out humans are more of nature or nurture. I found out that I’m mostly both because I was raised in a great environment but I still have habits and likes, dislikes that come from my parents.

I learned from a Cambridge study about childrens and if they would play with toys that are not for their gender. According to the results, most boys played with cars and most girls played with dolls. Which means gender is not something you can change/affect easily. The next research was by professor Melissa Hanes from University of Cambridge. She did the same experiment to see if it works on monkeys too because they are a similar animal. The guess was right, mostly all the male monkeys took the trucks and cars while the female monkeys took the dolls and played with them. The very recent research we looked at was by a professor from the University of  Louisville. It was about twins and if its more of nature or more of nurture. When twins are born, they are different physically and mentally and all come from nature. Although, nurture supports the lack of physical and mental parts later on as they grow.

In conclusion, these experiments and many more prove that humans are more of a both than one only. This unit is very interesting and I am looking forward in creating a experiment to find out more about psychology.

Comedy timeline


Comedy all started in Ancient Greek and commonly known with the Aristophanes as he was well known as the leader of old comedy. The comedy he wrote were simple and easy to understand jokes such as scatological humour (toilet jokes) and sexual jokes. He also made fun of the politicians, philosophers that existed during at that age, as in few of his comedies he mocked the Peloponnesian Wars and the governors who were fighting against. Even after Aristophanes died, Menander has taken upon his place to create new comedy. In the new comedy, stereotypes were born as part of the humour. People used less sexual jokes and political jokes, but based on their comedy off of everyday situations.

In the medieval ages, the churches tried to keep comedy and joyous aspects of a comedy to the minimum, which lead to danger of extinction of comedy. Yet comedy survived through medieval folk plays and festivals.

Renaissance comedy is one of the well known comedy period. One of the famous scriptwriter known at this age was Shakespeare. Not only he created the famous scripts such as Romeo and JulietMacbeth, and more, he have also written different comedy scripts. In this age, comedy was known to be something different than we know it today. Today, we all think comedy is something funny and something we’ll be able to laugh at, but comedy in the Renaissance period was known to be something that had a good ending.

Melodramatic comedy was more focused on exaggeration. Melodramatic comedy started to appear present in the 18th centuries to until today, through movies, television shows, and even in radio formats.Because melodramatic comedy existed in a long time period and still exists in comedy today, it is difficult to exactly justify and define what melodrama is.

Circus comedy was one of the important style of comedy in the timeline. The most famous one are the clowns. The clown comedy started around in the late Middle Ages.  Harlequin started off as a comic valet, or zanni (types of character in dell’arte), but soon began to form his own style of comedy which was the soon to be known slapsitck.

Cinematic comedy can be considered as the ‘oldest film genre’ as this comedy style mainly appeared in silent films, televisions and movies. Slapstick was also another type of comedy used in cinematic comedy, as it portrayed the hilarity of ridiculous situations of physical mishap and indignity. Charlie Chaplin was the most famous comedy star known in this age and even today. He was a silent actor and pantomimist and was recruited at 1913 as a comedy actor.


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Music Reflection

In this unit, we have been split into 2 groups and the smaller group played the theme from James Bond and the bigger group practiced the Hedwig’s theme. For me it was a really good experience to join the James bond group because they were very advanced in music. Ryan and Julynn played the piano part, Shoichi played the guitar, Kasumi played the drums, and I played the djembe.  As a group, we did really well on making the performance unique and it was really fun for me. It was a big chance for me to improve my skills because I was in a advanced group.

In this unit, I focused on the rhythm and tempo because I was playing the djembe. I worked on getting the right timing to start playing and that was a pretty hard thing to do because I had to participate the whole time in order to get the right rhythm. This improvement required a lot of teamwork and cooperation because as a group, we really had to work hard and talk so we can get the right timing. To get the right timing, as a group we had to plan who starts at what time and who has to lead the group. Because this succeed, we as a group, earned trust and there is nothing more important than trust. Even though I am not that confident about music, it was one of the best improvements I have done in music. Overall I think it was a great experience and a great improvement on music for me.

Spanish Unit Reflection

This Unit was very difficult for me. I had difficulties memorising the verbs and how to say it using commands. Especially because I had troubles doing all my assignments on time because I had lack of sleep. Although, I can tell that I learned new ways to talk to spanish speaking people because of the experience of talking to them in class. I found it very easy to understand what they were saying but sometimes found it difficult to answer in complete sentences. This is because I have different types of conjugations in my head so it was hard to find the right one at the right time. From now on, I would like to manage my studying time so I won’t find difficulties on my sentence structures.

Spanish Unit Reflection

This unit was very hard and difficult for me. I used to be very comfortable with my vocabularies and sentence structures but this unit gave me another challenge making sentences using past tense which confused me a lot this unit. Although after learning how to use past tense in Spanish, I got the confidence to talk to native spanish speakers.

Another thing I improved was my vocabularies. I can tell that because now, I have at least 50 new vocabularies I learned during this unit and I found similarities with my mothers country so it was easy to understand the definition of the word and when to use them. This relates to sentence structure too because by using new vocabularies in sentences and also using past tense.

One last thing I improved on is stem changing and conjugations and this is one of the most important improvement because conjugation and stem changing are my weaknesses in Spanish because it’s the type of things we have to remember and is very important any time you speak in Spanish and especially this unit because we had to use past tense.

Music Reflection

In music class, we’ve been working on a group song and it was very fun and enjoying because it was a chance to improve my music skills and to learn a new instrument which was the bass. We had a lot of time to make the chords and melody so it was pretty easy and comfortable for us working on it. Although we had some parts where we had some troubles working on the new instrument.

In this project, I preformed the bass. Rei preformed the chords on the piano, and Shoichi played the melody. I learnt that I the bass line is as important as the chords and I need to take responsibility. One thing I am proud of on this project is that I played a new instrument without making big mistakes even though I wasn’t synced with the chords. As I said, I am glad  that I got to learn how to play a new instrument. One thing I think I need to improve is managing my practice time because I think I could’ve done better if we practiced more as a group. I think the performance could have been a lot better if Rei(chords) got the tempo right, so next time I want to work as a team, so we can keep the tempo on the same speed and make it a better project. I think I could also practice more with Rei so we can make the song sound better. I think this will make my performances much better. Overall I found composing the song fun and it was fun for me to try something new.