September 12

Community Engagement

I have participated in the Van Der Poel Christmas Party on December 2nd, 2017.  This is my first year in Van Der Poel, and it is also my first year participating in the Christmas Party.  Christmas party is one of the major events held by Van Der Poel.  We invited 2 local orphanages to celebrate Christmas.

Van Der Poel is a service group that supports orphans by raising awareness on the orphanage problem in Japan, and collecting money and donating to the 2 local orphanages.



At the Christmas Party, we had a lot of presents, food, and decorations.  In order to collect the funds, we went to each grade and asked for donations/funds.  I visited the 1st-graders, and I taught about what Van Der Poel does, and why we need the money.  Doing this fundraising, I reflected that I should go to the 1st-grade class almost every day because 1st graders could not remember to ask and tell their parents about this.


We also filled the Christmas socks with tons of snacks and wrapped all the presents for the 2 local orphanage children and also decorated the room with balloons and origami.  It was hard for me to wrap some of the presents such as basketballs, but other people taught me how to do it. 


When the Christmas Party started, all the children came and we all played together.  I was able to get close to many children, but I was a little bit worried if I say something that might make the children disappointed since these children have many different reasons why they are in the homes.  I used many communication skills in this event to entertain the children. I thought the summer camp that I went to in the U.S. helped me a lot because I was the counselor in it, and I took care of 6 children at once.



This event helped me notice that the children in the Orphanages need support to do these kinds of major events.  I also felt proud of the Van Der Poel group and also the other service group outside of school that made this successful major event.  I was able to learn how to plan, collaborate and communicate at this event.

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