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Reflexión Semestre 1

• What are the keywords from your learning this semester? Retell it without using those words -Exchange words in Spanish with classmates  (Communication) -Be curious and inquire about terms or words we may not know (Ask Questions) • What are 7 ways what you have learned is like Harry Potter, Star Wars, or another movie…

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How does memory work?

5 words: Potentiation- The increase in strength of nerve impulses along pathways that had been used recently or a while ago. Neurotransmitters- A chemical that transfers nerve impulses to a synapse Neurons- A nerve cell that transmits nerve impulses around the body. Consolidate(d)- Make something physically stronger or more solid. Cognitive- Mental process of learning…

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Psychology: Nature vs Nurture

In class we started a new unit on psychology. To start the unit off we discussed about what psychology is: how different circumstances and situations affect our behavior and also talked about the nature vs nurture debate. When we first talked about gender stereotypes I was convinced that it was nurture that conditioned girls to…

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Comedy Timeline

Comedy is a professional type of entertainment that is intended to make the audience laugh. Starting around 200 BCE in ancient Sanskrit drama, rather than comedy, humor was represented by one of the principal emotions (rasas), most times by mirth (hasya) one of the characters that is portrayed on stage. The next most notable period…

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Spanish Unit 4 Reflection

In this unit I think I was able to conjugate and use more unit appropriate language in my sentences. I am more confident in listening to the audio and doing the true or false exercises which was one of my goals for this unit. I did this by practicing with the online textbook and reviewing…

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History: Two Sides

  History is recorded down so that we can reflect and learn from its mistakes, but also its victories. However sometimes there are parts of history that are missing from the textbooks.  For example, Francisco Franco’s dictatorship began in 1936 after the civil war left Spain in shambles. It later ended in 1975 following his death and the…

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Performance Blog Post

Last friday we preformed a  two part piece called Hiyaku for the koto concert. When we were preparing the song for the concert I did have a hard time getting use to it after not playing it for a long time and working on the pop song in between, however after splitting it in parts…

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Spanish: Unit Three Reflection

In this unit I learnt how to properly use direct, indirect and reflexive pronouns. I also learnt how to use the past, future and conditional tense by learning how to conjugate the verbs. This helped me write stories, letters and diary entries,  widen my vocabulary and express myself and my experiences more freely. A question…

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Music: Koto 3 things to improve on

The three places I find most difficult are on page four line 2 3 sections 2,3,4,5,6 , line 4 sections 3,4 and page 6, both lines.   four line 2 3 sections 2,3,4,5,6 I am trying to improve this section (lines 2,3) by playing slowly 2 or 3 times and and then playing at a…

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