My Favorite Tutorial

Hello People today I am going to show you my favorite basketball tutorial.

The video showed the important parts of how to do the layup away from the basket. This is good because there is not as much action or movement so it is easier to see. He also was explaining what was good about the certain types of layups and saying why the bad ones weren’t good. This is good because if you like the bad one better, it gives you a reason to not use that one.

Hope you enjoyed!!!

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  1. From this video I learnt how to do a lay up correctly. When you pick up a ball, you should do a hard dribble which makes the ball came back to your hand quickly in time to do the next one. Also before you shoots the ball, your dribble hand should bring the ball up to meet the other hand. Nad for a overhand lay up your run- up speed is added to your shot .

    I really like the way he edit the video. First, the sound ducking technique was really good and interesting. Like sometimes there is that cool music but not when the person is speaking. That good because it makes the video very enjoyable. Second, I like the way that there’s a person on the side explaining about the video and there’s a TV on the other side which show examples of what he was explaining. It’s really good because it makes the video very interesting and attracts people. And, third, I really like how they the video inside the TV in the video. Like pause the video inside the TY and add some key- words. That very good because it helps you to understand and memorize the key parts. I also really like the end part where the person review all the things that we learnt in this video. It’s helpful and good because it help you the remember what you learned from this video.

    I think this is an absolutely one hundred percent perfect tutorial. It has absolutely no mistake or problem.

  2. Hey Charlie!!

    Great tutorial you picked. From the video I learned where to put the ball when doing a layup. I also learned that you should have a aggressive finish after hitting the sweet spot. Finally I learned which fingers to release the ball with.

    This video had many good things in it such as, at the beginning he explaining that the right and left mechanics are same. Then he shows how a lay-up looks like. This is great because we can understand that the step we’re going to learn will also be the same for the opposite side. Next, there is music between the transitions and then fade out as he starts to talk. This is useful because we won’t get bored and we can hear the person speak clearly. I also noticed that in the TV, when the person gives tips for you to see and when that happens, the video inside the TV stops or slows down. This is good because you can see clearly what he just said. The tutorial had changed the camera angle or zoomed in several times. This is wonderful because you can get a good idea of how the lay up should be by looking at the demonstrator in a different angle. At the end of the video, the person explains all the steps we just learned and gives a short recap of it. This is good for the viewers because they can check if they missed any of the steps. At the bottom of the video there is a small sentence which means the same thing the person said except in a different way. This is very useful for people who don’t understand what the person said. These were the good things, on the the things he could improve on.

    The person who made the video could of moved the camera when the demonstrator goes above the area where you can see him. This was not good because we couldn’t see some of the things that could help us make a lay up. That was the only mistake I could find. Everything else was great!!

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