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Reflection on Interacting with Kindergarteners

March 9, 2017:   Today during our fifth period we interacting with the Kindergarteners. First, we arrived to the classroom and were assigned either one or two kids. Then we sat down with the kids and they gave us books… Continue Reading →

I&S HW- How does memory work?

5 new vocabulary: –synaptic connections: a conjunction between nerve cells within the brain that pass a signal from neurones to neurones. –neurotransmitter: a chemical substance which is released at the end of a nerve fibre by the arrival of a nerve impulse and allows the… Continue Reading →

2016 Phuket Expeditions- Reflection

  For my 9th grade school year I had the opportunity to fly to Phuket for a week and experience a lot of new things. Before we even got to Phuket I was already super excited. I was mostly excited… Continue Reading →

Nature vs. Nurture

  In Individuals and Societies class we have been talking about Phycology. Specifically the difference between nature vs. nurture. So what is Nature? Nature is what you inherit when you are born or the genetics from your parents. It is something… Continue Reading →

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