In Individuals and Societies class we have been talking about Phycology. Specifically the difference between nature vs. nurture.

So what is Nature? Nature is what you inherit when you are born or the genetics from your parents. It is something that you already have, know and which comes natural to you. For example, if you get really sad you might cry and if you find something funny you will laugh. All this wasn’t taught to you, it just somehow came to you. Some other examples might include your eye colour. You were born with your eye colour and it wasn’t taught to you how to get the eye colour you have. Another example could be your height or type of hair. You can’t chose or learn to have this type of hair, but it is given to you at birth. Another example about this can be seen on a BBC short documentary where they talk about the difference someones ethnical background can make to certain things. They talk about how many African Americans dominate the sport of sprinting and how this can be due to their background of their┬áslavery descendants. Due to the fact that this was a hard time only the strongest survived and so the strongest reproduced with strongest making stronger and faster children. As can be seen, this trait was inherited to the children. Meaning, if you compare an African American with a white kid of same age and sprinting training, the African American will be faster because it is in his nature.

What is Nurture? Nurture is not something that was inheritied to you, but something that slowly started to form over time from various things that influenced you. For example, maybe you grew up in tropical weather so you don’t like cold weather because you aren’t used to it. Another big example are gender stereotypes. It is said that girls like pink and dolls, while boys like blue and trucks. This is all talked about in a documentary video conducted by Cambridge University. In this documentary they experiment adults and realised that it is not the children who choose what they want, but it is the adults who push the boys into liking trucks and the girls into liking the dolls. Because of this girls grown up to like more feminine things like nail polish or dolls while guys are gown up to be pushed into sports and masculine activities. We grow up with these stereotypes being pushed on us so we grow up thinking thats what I have to do and that whats normal. Another example of nurture is that someone might not like dogs because they have had a bad experience with them and so that has drifted them from seeing the cuteness of dogs.

Examples of Both: Although there is a clear difference between nature and nurture their can also be some things which are both. For example, if your parents favourite dish is pasta with pesto and so is yours you could argue you inherited this trait so it is nature. However, you could also argue that because it is your parents favourite dish and you grew up constantly eating and hearing how yummy it is you slowly started to believe and feel that is it your favourite dish as well. Therefore, some things can be both nature and nurture.