For my 9th grade school year I had the opportunity to fly to Phuket for a week and experience a lot of new things. Before we even got to Phuket I was already super excited. I was mostly excited to work with the kids from SOS and the Burmese Mon School. I was most excited for this because I have always wanted to something similar to that. I was excited to exchange different cultures and bond with cute kids. When the time finally came where I could hang out with the kids it was amazing. At first, most of them were really shy, but I loved to see how the kids slowly got more and more comfortable with me. It got to the point where they would never let go of my hand. I really got attached to them and so it was hard to say goodbye. After the experience I am so grateful that I was able to go to this Phuket trip. In addition, I would definitely want to do this again. I really lovedĀ helping the kids and seeing them be so happy about the painted school and their little gift bags. Moving on, I learned a lot from this trip. I learned to appreciate the things I have and to not take little things for granted. It is the little things that make life so special. I also learned a lot about the coral life. For example, I learned about the different types of corals in the reef. Especially which corals are good for the reef and which corals are bad. I am really grateful for this trip and will definitely stay as one of my most memorable events in life.

Here are a few pictures: