March 9, 2017:


Today during our fifth period we interacting with the Kindergarteners. First, we arrived to the classroom and were assigned either one or two kids. Then we sat down with the kids and they gave us books to read to them. So after, we played boardgames with them as well. I thought this is was a nice small experience. I liked that we got time to do this because it was actually very interesting. I got a nice active boy. First, we chose a spot to sit and I read to him a book about paper. I don’t read small books like that anymore, however, I actually really interesting facts that I never knew. I discovered that 900m of paper is produced every minute. Not only that, but this experience made me realise how little I knew about the world around me. For example, my boy was amazed when he found out that cardboard is made out of paper. He was also amazed when the book that I was reading was made out of paper. I though it was really eye-opening and reflective when he was amazed by all the things I thought were obvious. It made me realise that I was like this too when I was younger. Next, we read a book called The Cat in the Hat by Doctor Sues. While I was reading this my buddy started reading some of the sentences as well. I really appreciated him trying to read and it was fun for me to listen. Moving on, we played the board games next. I am not sure if my body did this on purpose or didn’t understand the game exactly, but he did cheat a little. I thought it was sweet how excited he got when he won so of course I didn’t mind. The things that I had to use from the IB learner profile was being a communicator, thinker, open-minded, and now reflective. Overall, I really enjoyed this experience.