February 21

Cross Country

A regular practice that I participated in during the Fall of 2017 was Cross Country. I trained after school three times a week and took part in weekly tournaments at Tama Hills.

By joining this sport, I was not only able to maintain my wellness physically but also socially. I got closer to my teammates, forming strong friendship with them, and was able to connect with others globally.

I was invited to attend the AISA Cross Country Tournament in Seoul, S. Korea at KIS. This experience has impacted my life significantly by challenging myself physically and mentally seeing as I was not much of a long distance runner before this experience. I was able to settle into this new environment (this is my first year at YIS) and make connections/memories with individuals that were passionate about this sport.

In the future, I would be willing to join a running activity in school or outside of school, so I can get to know more people and be able to support them as we better ourselves physically.