Expedition week (GCD framework)

During the week of expedition week the experiences at that week were great!

I will mention about the few great moments during the week. First of all in for most the hike and the camp between the 2nd day we came to the camp and the 4 day we got back from the hike. During those few moments I was able to become more independent and learn how to take care of other people such when people needed help.

The experiences taught me to help more independent and when we had to make our own tent that helped me to become more independent. Which gave me important life skills. Finally I also wanted to talk about how this can connect to the life skills that I already know. 1st of all When we went hiking I knew it from the last year trip when we hiking. Where in groups we went to hiking for few hours which taught us how to collaborate and get to 1 place to another. However in nigata we had to go without any navigator or help.

When I was in middle of the hiking for at least everyday we had 5 hours of hiking. I felt extremely stressful for the 1st day of the hike since I wasn’t all use to at all and felt like I was going fall. But over time after few days after I got used to the environment that i’m in. I felt much conformable and felt like I can enjoy the hike more. I also learned many things such as making my own dinner and lunch and not always rely on our parents. Which was very interesting.

The risk I took during the trip was when I was going down hill when we finished hiking and the last day since there would a lot of steep hill where we could get really hurt and injured. That made us felt little nervous but when were at the end and going down to that hill I felt much more relief than when I first started.

The expedition week was a big meaning to me and definitaly had metaphoric definition to my trip. That is becoming a independent animal after a birth. This taught me how to do many things like becoming indepdent and self aware.


Drama Reflection 8A

In our Drama class we need to learn the history of comedy and how we can learn the history and apply that and using comedy to interact with other people such as audience. Each of our character in our group has a unique personality which audience can clearly see and determine what our character are. We also used hats and other objects that we can get our hands on to.


Our group were really influenced on a person named Rene where he taught us how we can interact with our audience better and Ive think everybody in our group have agreed with my and with his ideas. He taught us how we should distance our arms and objects like showing the objects to the audience and also looking at the audience more as we act our parts and our character. Also another thing we learned was in class where we used our legs and how we walked as we made a entrance in our acts. Such as this would show my personality without using my hands or any of my emotions, for example walking slowly means Im curious or when i’m spreading my legs out i’m tired.

Conclusion on Influence

I used the advantages I could get and these were the advantages, I used my legs to show my personality and also used my face to show what i’m up too. My personality is neutral or curious so I would need to walk slower than I usually now and I would need to show my emotion more than walking too.



The feedbacks I got were from Rene and Ms.Ericsson first of all Rene told us that we should have more interactions with our audience and also to have more eye contact such as I where I shouldn’t look at the map all the time and not looking at the audience. So he said clearly too put a distance between the map and my eye. He also said that I should exaggerate more when Im looking for the place i’m going like.. Using my hands more and pointing where the destination is. Second of all Ms.Ericsson told us again we should have more interactions with the people and more funny and a story line with it.

Overall we the task was very fun and by asking professionals we get too know our weakness and our strong point. So when Im going to preform I would need to have more interactions and exaggerate with my hands more.

English Unit 3 Reflection: Perspective and Prejudice

This unit helped me think besides my opinion. It made me think of others feeling emotions and by that it gave us an idea of how we shouldn’t judge just by there records or how they look like and anything to do with just looking and judging. In my opinion this unit affects the way that we see things,I also thought that I saw this unit differently than when I started to because like I said I understand peoples feelings and emotion of what happened in the past. As an example the podcast that we did for this unit of how the people who became part of a trouble making gang was not there choice but maybe they had to just to make money and so.


Finally I believe that Perspective changes the way everybody sees things

Comedy Timeline



At first Dramatic comedy grew out of the a feasts of the Greek god Dionysus. What became known to theater historians as Old Comedy in ancient Greece what this is a scene that are used with individual character. Eventually the Old Comedy gradually declined and was replaced by a less vital and imaginative drama. In New Comedy, generally considered to have begun in the mid-4th cent. B.C. The plays were more consciously literary, often romantic in tone, and decidedly less satirical and critical.

IOW-Greek.Comic mask.Ca.350BC.5.4mb.jpg.CROP.rtstoryvar-medium.Comic mask.Ca.350BC.5.4mb

Medieval comics

Medieval Jesters played a minor role in court life but certainly brightened up the entertainments. The history of court jesters dated back before the Medieval era of the Middle Ages, which they are most closely associated with. Medieval jesters were responsible for bringing a smile to the face of a monarch who was feeling angry or who was feeling unwell. The role of the Medieval jester was to amuse his master, to excite him to laughter



The Renaissance, a new and vital drama emerged. In England in the 16th cent. The tradition of the interlude, developed by John Heywood and others, blended with that of Latin classic comedy, eventually producing the great Elizabethan comedy. Also During the Renaissance, comedies meant something different from what they currently mean today. People think of modern comedies as funny, but comedies in the Renaissance meant a play having a happy ending. The Bedford Companion to Shakespeare states “In most comedies the happy ending involves a marriage or at least some kind of union or reunion that resolves the conflict and brings the characters into a state of harmony”



Melodrama is a form of dramatic composition in prose partaking of the nature of tragedy, comedy, and spectacle and intended for a popular audience. Primarily concerned with situation and plot, it employs a more of less fixed complement of stock characters, the most important of which are the suffering heroine or hero, a persecuting villain and a benevolent comic. It is conventionally moral and humanitarian in point of view and sentimental and optimistic in temper, concluding its fable happily with virtue rewarded after many trials and vice punished. Characteristically, it offers elaborate scenic accessories and introduces music freely, typically to underscore dramatic effectMelodrama-300x215-1dgoxa2

Circus Comedy

Circus Comedy are one of the most popular and its been around starting from 1970 and 80s. The actors usually preform or uses these sterotypical clowns, acrobats, trained animals, trapeze acts. It is globally and internationally famous and people can be really entertain by this comedy. It originate from John Fox and Sue Gill, Roger Coleman and others that participated.


Cinematic Comics

This Comedy lasted through 1894-1929 this particular silent film although these comedy are very old they can be very entertaining by looking at there appearance and emotional face and gestures and anything to do with using body or indicating something. One of the good examples are slapstick which are style of humor involving exaggerated physical activities.


Drama Advertising

Speech elements

I think I did a good job in over dramatic myself and have a good voice tone in good situation such as when I was seemed to been forced to put on the item. I quickly changed my tone into frightening. So i think using right tone in right situation can be really useful in our drama activities and can be used in our daily bases. I also changed my mood which also changed my voice too such as I was wearing the item I became more happy and satisfied which changing voice can be really important in serious situations.

Opportunities ??

There are opportunities when Im public speaking. Example when I want to speak to people that wants to interview me I can speak and used skills that I was thought from this activity. I can also used this skill to other activity like MC a concert. (which will probably never happen). In the future when im public speaking i should look up more and look at the audience so I can project my voice more. This will extremely help me when Im talking to someone face to face.

Drama Speech

I was able to speak and made my point clear because of the advantges and disadvantages i mention in the video. I was also able to look up and down when I was talking, this gives me eye contact to my audience and able to project my voice better. I also was able to made my audience to understand my topic better by me having gesture such when i said priority i made a gesture doing a karate chop. But many times I stumble and made several mistake but I was able to recover some mistakes after,such as the part when I was saying “this can be applied to our daily life”.

In the future persuasive language can come really handy such as situation like Job interview when you want them to accept you in there company. In order to do that people would need to use catchy words too replace the common words that we hear everyday.

Many reasons why we should organize and have a proper speech is that you basically makes your audience understand your topic more. If you come organize and have a proper speech can change the way of how people think about your topic and make a deep effect if the speech was deep. To do this is and have a prepared speech is to Practice more and having a note or have something that you have to look at once in a while when your talking. Structuring the speech is very important when your in a important situation,because it helps you organize the topic better.

Gapminder Humanties

United states and Congo
One of the countries I like to use an example is the LEDC congo democratic republic where it started out almost similar with the U.S life expectancy which is 30 although never made it far to U.S GDP (income per person). Congo suffers a big devastation in early 19th century where the life expectancy when down a lot causing under people living until 20 years old this cause may have come from losses of ww1.But if you can see for the U.s the power keeps growing as the years go up and up. people was able to live longer the population grew much more and GDP did not move until 1960’s gradually growing their GDP and until now the life expectancy is 85 and GDP is more than 40,000. Going back to Congo it has grown the population but the economy is still in the LEDC area. But it is gradually becoming more in the NIC section. Overall the Us has grown its power slowly and slowly becoming the richest countries in the world. Congo has made progress but eventually not enough to get a wealthy economy system. Now we will see birth rates and health economy. The Congo health economy is so far going well and there current percent for economy is 10% but the developed countries such as U.s has already had their health economy up to 14% and by today the number has gone up to 18. Therefor people that

Japan and Lesotho
Japan already had a high expectancy in 1800 and slowly growing their GDP level. When the Japanese industrial revolution started the GDP grew faster and faster. When it’s GDP hit 3000$ the life expectancy grew. Until Japan hit 1940’s where Japan was facing a pacific theater between the U.s and lost many people during the event,and lost it’s GDP. But after 1945 Japan quickly rebuild itself growing the life expectancy to 75 and slowly growing the GDP over 40,000 becoming one of the richest countries in the world. Lesotho is a country that is poor from the start,It was same and grew their population in the mid 19th century and gradually making their way up but at 2000 the population lose about 16 years and causing devastating effect to their population. Eventually at the end, Lesotho is a somewhat NIC country. The 2 countries were really similar until the Japanese industrial revolution which is late 18th century. The population and growth for Japan in 1991 didn’t change that much as in average it for all but looking at employment rate it was in a range of 40-45 which means that people didn’t get a job often and it would be 45/100 for a person to get a job. However surprisingly Lesotho has better population rate and employment rate which is surprising to see a LEDC country has passed a MEDC on employment rate. As you can see there are many advantages and disadvantages for both MEDC and LEDC and another reason why the population is higher is that kids that are young get laboured to do work such as China and some other countries so therefor the population starts to grow.

Singapore and Liberia
There are many dramatic change between both of these country,Let’s take a look at 1918 end of ww1 where singapore lost there expectancy by basically negative (screen shots) Although at first Singapore was good when they were maintaining the economy it started getting richer from late 18th century after a while Singapore starts making there way up to the top and eventually at 19th century the life expectancy suddenly went up fast and by the time in 1958 the singapore had a life expectancy of 70 years and from then on the economy went up higher and that’s where Singapore becomes one of the richest or wealthiest country in the world. Moving on to Liberia,Liberia is a country didn’t move far much in economy instead growing in life expectancy. The late 18th century the country tried to push it self to become an NIC country but never made it and having a unstable economic,eventually moving to the 20th century it is pushing itself to the NIC section. Now looking at Health and Electricity use are the same and Liberia is not that much different and the health are the same too and there current average for both country is 3-4% Electricity isn’t used that much for both countries because of the use of solar. Overall as I said last other one,There are many advantages and disadvantages and I think that the both countries is getting closer to 15,000 use of power per person


Screenshot labeled under


I believe that the app gap minder is a great way to find out the history of the economic and the birth and death rate or indicators. Such as we can compare between the countries and we can also find out there history about there country. For example the United states and Congo has a huge difference where congo had a normal life making the way up to the NIC and the MEDCs But when they hit late 19th century they fell and lost a lot there GDP by 1000 and comparing to Us,United states has been rich from the start and still wealthy even today (Gapminder)

“Gapminder.” Gapminder. Ola Rosling, n.d. Web. 01 Dec. 2015.

Video Gapminder

G8 Field Studies Expanding Confront Zone

3 Activities

Mounting Biking:Mounting biking was a lot of fun and helped me step out of my confront zone since I wasn’t too sure that I was not going to survive and 1 piece. But time after time I saw other students making there way through and by that it gave me confidence.

Rafting:Rafting was another activity where I had fun doing and helped me work as a team to move the raft. Such as saying 1,2,1,2 to help us move further.(To make it more funner we said in different languges) Not only it helped us to work together but at the same time we had so much fun that made us forget what fear was in this activities.

Cannoning:Cannoning was one of the hard activity to overcome since we were scared that we might hit our face. But after we gone through the cannoning it felt really fun and felt the urge to do more. I was glad after we made it through and completed. I felt like Grade 8 field studies was awesome and that Cannoning is a exciting activity.

What will these help me in upcoming events in life

The 3 activities can be useful in life, Since you need to have confidence and risk take everything. And some things when you overcome and successfully succeed to that specific thing you feel you have gotten better and feel that you did something good. So try new things even if your not sure. Overall Camp. The Field studies was great because of how it helped us to give more confidence in activities that may occur in life such working as a team to do something and again risk taking things that might help you.

Spanish Interview Quirijn

Spanish interview Question’s and answers

Les presento a Quirijn. Quirijn tiene trece anos y es de Holanda. A Quirijn le gusta practicar deportes cuando hace sol después la clase. A Quirijn le gusta jugar al fútbol con los amigos los domingos y sábados. Le gusta beber agua y comer las bananas. Su numero de es teléfono es 123-123-123-123.

Elevator Scene 8A

8A 3 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.



The Elevator scene was a scene where we act as a team and figuring out how to escape the “trapped elevator” while we act differently. We were assign to make our own character and that characters personality and we were also placed a scene where we were trapped in a elevator, Keeping our emotion same as our character we design.


As you can see to our video I was the person who wanted to die in the elevator. If we were comparing status I would be lower then shaolun and Charline. Since part of the video Charline was shouting at me and I backed up as soon she shouted at me. Me and Tessa was the lower status than the Shaolun and Charline. The video clearly shows how I was really dark and not a friendly person so my overall attitude was upset and disappointed which my backstory include a tragedy. There were some physicality,which Charline used when she was shouting at Tessa and Me as well as Shaolun where she pointed at us. Pointing can mean that I’m a higher status than you so do as I say which made it clear that she above status than everybody else.My Character didn’t have that much motivation because I was really more like the dark person which never wanted to talk to anyone so I think that person who had the most motivation was Shaolun. Where he started talking to random people like me and Tessa. The most vocal delivery that had in our group was Shoalun,He was able to speak loud and clearly which made people understand more.


Our aim for the unit was to be able to create a stereotype and be able to understand what status is. So in the future we can understand a character by looking at there status and what they are or how they look. The challenges that I had during this activity was that, maintaining character while we adapt the situation that we were given was really hard. The improvements I need for upcoming activity like this is making my voice louder. Since I barley heard what I was saying in some occasions.