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This my Tutorial since i liked to play mine craft i also thought this can be a right tutorial for me since it’s my hobby to play a mine craft. When i have free time. Extra time.

This is the link to the video.



I thought that person took a lot of time and had to make the video very interesting by killing the boss so this tells us that he is really really serious of doing these things I also thought that he was very contrasting of making the boss that he is going to fight.  I also thought he was very specific by saying what to bring.As example what armor you need to defeat the boss.


5 thoughts on “Favorite Tutorial

  1. I learned how to defeat a whither easily in mine craft. I also learned how to use some weapons and what works and doesn’t.
    This video talks really detailed about destroying a whither. For example, it tells that a whither, when it gets mad, bow and arrows don’t work. I think he was really detailed about the whither.
    I think this video should have better quality. It should have been not blurry and clear so the viewer can see him play and how he defeats the whither.

  2. I learned that to defeat the wither boss, you need a diamond sword and also you get a neather star when you defeat him. This tutorial is good because it explains clearly on what you need to have and what the wither will do if you hit it. The creator should of had the camera in place.

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