October 10

Investigate Reflection

In technology we had a unit is called Became A Blogger. We learnt the first part of the design cycle—- investigation. We had investigate a LOT of blogs and done a lot work to figuring out what is a good blog, what a good blog needs and what a blog do not want to have. We used this google document to investigate. 


The top four things that is important to my are:

1 Video, I think people these days like moving pictures so eye-catching video won’t let the reader get bored .

2 Photo, I think if we don’t have a lot interesting images the reader might get bored.

3 Titles, I think we don’t want to get the reader confused.

4 Design, I think the design has to be reasonable. We don’t want the title to under the posts.

I’ll make sure that my blog has the top four things by read it before I work on it, during the time I work on it and check it after I finished my post.

I learnt how to make a blog, I used to think it’s super hard but now I think it’s not that hard that i had imagined. I also learnt  that you had to make sure what you are posting think before you post that web is not safe. I think the posts needs to be simple, easy to understand, not too complicated otherwise the people who look at it would get bored.

That is my brainstorm. My brainstorm include three big idea, each one has three small idea, and each small idea has two mini idea. My blog represents me by showing my FAVORITE stuff such as basketball, music and movies. But it’s also represents me by showing where am I and who am I. For example, I’m in Japan right now and I’m a boy, eleven years old. 

This investigation unit is quite important because we spent a lot of time on it: two classes of talking and thinking what is a good blog, two classes of investigating and thinking about the criteria, and finally, one class of brain-storming our blog.

October 10


We went canoeing on day 3 afternoon. I was communicator at that time because we need to find a pattern to paddle which means we need to communicate a lot. When we get to the other side we jumped out of the boat, swam for a little while and the water quiet cold. We played a game after that. The game is like play basketball on
a boat is was really fun we throw ball over boats. There’s a lot people whom flipped their boat. We had a lot fun.

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October 10

Hot Air-Ballooning

We went hot air-ballooning at day-3. I had never been on a hot air-balloon before it’s pretty cool.When you are on a hot air-balloon there will be fire above your head, it’s hot

and creepy. I’m bit fear of heights so I’m a risk taker. I think is scary when you look at the top.

October 10



There’s a ski-jump facility nearby our hotel and that’s the first time I see one. I was been open-minded at that time because I learnt what is ski-jump, how dose a ski-jump facility look like and how dose the hole thing works. There’s a lot sits beside the facility and we were guessing how many are there. But the teacher said we were all wrong. Suddenly one of my friend said loudly:” Guys clam down let’s count, one , two…….”

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October 10

Camp Fire

We had camp fire at the first night. We tell ghost story, riddles and sing songs. I’m a thinker because we need to think and guess the riddle a lot. It was really fun. We had some hot chocolate and marshmallows and the fire is worm.

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