November 29

Our introduction of fraction


Do you know what is fraction? No? Me neither. Just joking. 🙂 Of course I know, and if you ask me which means you are asking the right guy.

This is a friction, up is numerator and below is denominator.

From Math work


For example:

Math work

I’ve got two red marker pen on my right hand and one blue marker pen on my left hand. That’s an example of frictions. Guess what friction is that……………. Yes, YOU ARE RIGHT, it’s 1/2.

Now, a more complex example. I have 15 pencils in total and 13 of them is color pencil on the right side of the photo. So the color pencil is 13/15.

From Math work


Now is really important, because I’m going to show a WRONG example.

From Math work

Look, my homework paper is on the left!! And my friend’s paper is on re right!!.

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November 28

Create Refection

For the few weeks of  technology class we’ve been working on the create part of the design cycle. We tried our best to create a blog as we designed in the design part of the cycle. We changed the theme, we changed our header image, we completed our widgets, we even wrote a PAGE of our self. (Mine is at the very top, below the header image, it’s called “About the author”.  We also customized our menu there’s a video.


I really like this theme because I love animals and move stuff. Notice when you are scrolling up or down, the back ground of my theme IS MOVING randomly back and force or up and down. This theme is called :” Something fishy”( just in case you want one too.)

I’m proud of my blog because it has a special ability. When ever I go to my blog, it don’t show me the first post but instead it shows me the blog idea brainstorm post and I’ve absolutely no idea why. BUT, with my theme’s spacial ability the problem CAN BE SOLVED.  So you’ll notice that there’s a little worm on a fishing hook on the left side of my blog. If your courser on it (don’t click) it says : “get me outta here!” which means “Go to the top!” Really cool isn’t it.

Well you don’t understand  that it’s OK, because I made a video to help to explain.

I really want to talk about the header image  because we actually leant about how to create your own header image. (PS: It’s really cool). We used a program called Photo Shop. I used to think that’s the kind of program that only guinness computer hacker  would’ve use to make a fake photo, in China we call it PS which stands for photo shop. The reason why we  don’t use the header that is already in the  Word Press is it’s too boring and we want it to represent our self so we decided to create our own header image. Because the picture that we want for the internet is too big and too tall so the first thing we do is make layer in the photo shop and copy the image that you selected. Then make another one but the this time you have to decide the size that can fit your blog.  After you choose the part you want, you can write your name on it and change the front. To make a shadow, you just need to make your name again in black and move it around.

November 14

Plan Reflection

In the past few weeks of technology class we had started the design and plan part of the cycle.

The first thing we did was decide and draw 3 designs of our blog on paper like how do we want it to look like. For example what kind of header image do you want your blog have , what kind of theme do you want your blog to have to represent you and what kind of background do you want your blog to have. Then we need to choose one that I like best and label it, write why do you like it and how dose it represent  you. For example, I really like nature so on the paper, I drew my theme about grasses and sky and I also like moving stuff  so  I choose this theme called “a bit Fishy”on my blog on the computer.( Personally I kind of like this name.) But the hard thing was that on the paper you can control the images and background to make to into the one you like. Unlike on the Word Press you can only choose the one that are there. So you needs to choose one design that you draw and then select the most similar one on the computer.

Of course, there’s still a long long way till the end of the blog cycle, so here’s some things that I still want to learn: 1. I want to know how to create a menu. 2. I want to learn how to change header image. 3. I want to know how to add some little interesting widgets. 4. I want to know how to add a link. I’ll try to learn them by asking friends and teacher also use internet to search for the answer.

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Work hard


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