November 29

Our introduction of fraction


Do you know what is fraction? No? Me neither. Just joking. 🙂 Of course I know, and if you ask me which means you are asking the right guy.

This is a friction, up is numerator and below is denominator.

From Math work


For example:

Math work

I’ve got two red marker pen on my right hand and one blue marker pen on my left hand. That’s an example of frictions. Guess what friction is that……………. Yes, YOU ARE RIGHT, it’s 1/2.

Now, a more complex example. I have 15 pencils in total and 13 of them is color pencil on the right side of the photo. So the color pencil is 13/15.

From Math work


Now is really important, because I’m going to show a WRONG example.

From Math work

Look, my homework paper is on the left!! And my friend’s paper is on re right!!.

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