January 16

My favorite tutorial

Hi guy. We’ve been watching and investigating different kinds of tutorials for technology class, tutorial unit. My favorite tutorial is this minecarft tutorial —-How to build a infinite iron golem farm.

I hope you all enjoyed that video. This is my favorite minecraft tutorial that I investigate because first of all, that’s the only video that can work for every version of minecraft on my computer. Also, I think it’s easy to follow and build because he gave me very simple,understandable and detailed instructions and tips. Which is awesome so that the people who watched it can follow build easily by them selfs. The voice of the person who made it is really loud and clear which is easy to hear. And the quality f the the video it self was also pretty good you can see it clearly. Those are really good and important because the viwer won’t get confused like nit sure what they are seeing or hearing. One of  those quite important things that I learnt from the video is the red stone idem filter. I realized that in some other tutorials or other thing that you want to build in minecraft it also requires some idem filter technique to build them. It is really awesome and after I tried it at home, it actually did worked and I suggest you to try as well.

And what he didn’t did really well is that he said “um” often in the video. It is bad because sounded like he is unprofessional. Also I think it’ll be better if he also explained about the idem filter in the video. It’s not really good the we won’t need to go to the description bar and look for the link.


Also, I would really like to share my SECOND favorite minecraft tutorial. This one is teaching about how to build an mini farm.

I hope you enjoyed that video too. The reason why I really like this minecraft tutorial is that he showed a finished and working mini farm at the very beginning of the video. It is good because like I mentioned just then, it’s easy for people to choose. Also he gave some tips for example, there’s a tip about when you’re using the cocoa bean, you have to click on the edge of the jungle wood. It is good because it gives people a short cut so that we won’t need to experience it in the hard way. And he gave very detailed informations as well. Like how many blocks should you build now. This is a good thing because it is easy to follow when you’re watching.

And I think there’s still something the the person who made this tutorial can improve on. For example like,  he did talked really clear or it’s the machine that he used to record’s quality isn’t really good. That’s not really  hulpful because that it’s kind of hard to hear. He also didn’t mention that it will only works in which version. That’s bad because some people with another version might be confused why they can’t make it work like me. But in the video is was really cool so I think you should try.

PS: If you’re interested in minecaft but you don’t have one on your computer, here’s the link to download.

Minecraft Download & Info

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