January 22

Comparing Decimals

Hey guys today I am going to tell you the correct way of reading decimals and the wrong way of reading decimals (which you should not use).

1. Printing Machine


112.5cm in length. As you can see we had measured the printer on the side. We can also say that it is 1.125m. These are the same things but they just change the decimal place and measurement. This is a appropriate way of showing it. Here is an inappropriate way of showing it —-> 0.001125km. This is way to complicated as it is a huge measurement.

2. Chair


77cm in length. This is the correct way of showing the measurement. I you show your measurement like this —> 7.7 decimeter. This is probably not the best because decimeters is a confusing for many people.

3. Earthquake Helmet


26cm in length. This one way of showing the measurement. You can also say 0.26m. Although 26cm is better. 260,000,000 nanometers is also 26 centimeters but this is just you know waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooooooooo COMPLICATED!!!!!!!

So people, use the correct way of showing your measurement otherwise you will be having many comments.

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