February 28

Our Introduction To Measurement

The unit question for this unit measurement is “How can we calculate using measurement”. We have a lot of tools of measuring like rulers, clocks, thermometers and watches.

I use online stopwatches to calculate time.

Factual question: what does the unit “mm” stands for?

Conceptual question: how do you calculate the area of a rectangle.

Debatable question: is internet a good tool of measuring?

There are three different main unit of measuring the length. They are centimeter – cm, meter – m, kilometer – km. (I ordered them from small to big by the way. 🙂 )

For example, using a rule to measure the length of the table. Which has those units on it.

Photo on 2-28-14 at 2.49 PM

If you want to measure a area of a rectangle, you just times the length (blue line) with the width ( red line).

Photo on 2-28-14 at 2.56 PM 

If you want to measure a square’s area, it’s really easy. You just times any of the edges of that square with it’s self.

If you want to measure a triangle, like this.

Photo on 2-28-14 at 3.06 PM


You just time the length and width and devoid it by 2. Because it’s just a half of this rectangle.

Photo on 2-28-14 at 3.05 PM


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February 21

Why Do We Tell Myth?

Why do we tell myth? Well first of all what is a myth. I think a myth is traditional story that explain some natural environment. Those stories are usually not true but people believe in it. Also, it’s different from mythology. If you want to know more, click the link. The LINK. And this LINK to see some examples.

People do things for a reason. Don’t tell me you don’t! Same as people telling myths. So why do people tell myths? I think the reason why people tell mythes is because like what I mentioned above, they want to explain some natural environment for example why is there rain, and why the sky is so high up?

Today I’ll be sharing a ancient Chinese myth with you guys. It’s called 盘古开天地 (Beginning of life). So the story was set long long time ago, when the sky and land were all mixed together like a huge egg. Inside the egg there was a giant sleeping who had a lot of muscles and he was sleeping for 18 thousand years. His name was 盘古 ( Pangu) . One day when he finally woke up, he opened his eyes but he could see nothing because it was too dark inside the egg. He was really angry about it so he used his power and got a big axe and swung it hard towards the shell of the egg. After the egg was broken, the clean,white and light stuff start rising, which become the sky. And the other dark, dirty and heavy things start falling, which became the land. That how the sky and land are separated and created. But the Pangu afraid that they are coming back to each other so he stand on his feet and push the sky with his hand. Everyday, Pangu grows up one meter and the land got one more meter thick and the sky got one more meter heigh. And after another 18 thousand years, the land was really thick and the sky was really high. Eventually, Pangu fell on the ground and died because he was too tired. After he died, his arms and legs became the mountains, his blood became rivers, his skins and hairs became trees and flowers, the breath he used to have because the wind and cloud and his right eye become the sun and the left eye become the moon. Oh, I forgot…….. the end. 🙂

Image Source.

This myth is explaining how our planet earth is created. You can see them from the later part of the story where it said “After the egg was broken……..”, which talked about how the sky and land was created. And explained why and how we have the sun, the moon, the rivers…, you can see it from “After he died………” I think there’s some more reasons why we tell myths, like the myths that has morals which teaches people things. What do you think?

February 20

What makes a great teacher?

Hello guys. The question of the unit that our class are working on in technology class currently is “what makes a great teacher?” and you will be able to find out my opinion later in this blog post. Also, in this we will be studying and making tutorials.

So, what is makes a good teacher?. Now you might think is it no/less homework, play games every class? No I’m talking about more formal stuff. (Even though that’s what runs into my mind first 🙂 ) I  think if you are a teacher, what will be your first priority. Yes, let the student learn the things that you want to teach them, let them improve themselves, and a good teacher, is good at it. If the student couldn’t understand the knowledge that you’re giving to them, then you’re not a good teacher. Also, a good teacher actually shouldn’t always give the student lots of homework. Because, if you’re a good teacher, you should be able to let the student get the knowledge in class. For example, in math, we just use some of the time to learn the strategy of solving problems and the other times because practicing, and maybe a little be of homework to practice also but shouldn’t be much.

In our last tech class, our teacher introduced a IB MYP thing called IB MYP AOS/areas of interaction (click the link to learn more.) And my teacher asked me to think about a question, what areas of interaction should it be for this tutorial unit. I think it should be community and service. Because, when we investigate and analyze tutorials, we were communicating with the internet. Also, when we are going to create a tutorial of our own, we’re trying to teach people how to do things by the internet, which fits with communicate and serves and this unit.