February 28

Our Introduction To Measurement

The unit question for this unit measurement is “How can we calculate using measurement”. We have a lot of tools of measuring like rulers, clocks, thermometers and watches.

I use online stopwatches to calculate time.

Factual question: what does the unit “mm” stands for?

Conceptual question: how do you calculate the area of a rectangle.

Debatable question: is internet a good tool of measuring?

There are three different main unit of measuring the length. They are centimeter – cm, meter – m, kilometer – km. (I ordered them from small to big by the way. 🙂 )

For example, using a rule to measure the length of the table. Which has those units on it.

Photo on 2-28-14 at 2.49 PM

If you want to measure a area of a rectangle, you just times the length (blue line) with the width ( red line).

Photo on 2-28-14 at 2.56 PM 

If you want to measure a square’s area, it’s really easy. You just times any of the edges of that square with it’s self.

If you want to measure a triangle, like this.

Photo on 2-28-14 at 3.06 PM


You just time the length and width and devoid it by 2. Because it’s just a half of this rectangle.

Photo on 2-28-14 at 3.05 PM


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