March 15

Math —- Packaging Product Video

We were working on a video for math class in the last couple days. We were learning about areas and measurements. This is video is about my team making and introducing a kind of bottle that contains a special kind of drink. Enjoy. 🙂

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March 13

Plan & Design Reflection

For the recent weeks in our technology class, we have been working on the design and plan stage, in the tutorial unit. We have made our own storyboards, and outlined it. (See below) (Script)

We also made a timeline plan, to always remind us to do. It included lots of deadlines of everything we need to do.

In the beginning of this unit, we made our tutorial criteria, which has all the things that a good tutorial need to have. Be sure to click on the link and check it out. My storyboard meets some those in order to be good.

First is tips & tricks or suggestions. If you saw my script, I made a tip for eating rice with chopsticks. Like put the chopstick in the rice and try to “push” them in your mouth. It’s hard to explain, but with a video that include examples it will be easier.

Second, is credits. I drew a clip just about credits in the end of my story board. I will thank to our school to provide us computers to and opportunities to make our own tutorials. (bla, bla bla,…) And a special thank to my mom for cooking the foods for showing examples in my tutorial.

Third I think should be Labels, which are keywords and subtitles on the screen. Because, I will put “not to hold it too in the front, not too in the back of the chopsticks.”

I think my tutorial is quite good because like what I mentioned that just then, it has those qualities that a good tutorial needs to have. Also it’s pretty useful. For example, if you’re a European or Americans (Not being racist here! 🙂 ) who dose not know how to use a chopsticks and you went to visit Japan, and you’re eating at a local restaurant which serves only chopsticks. Then you are going to face a big problem, that there’s very delicious foods right in front of you but you have no idea how to use chopsticks to eat them. But after watching my tutorial, you should be able to do that. And that also why most of the viewers will try to learn with me. So that they don’t have to worry about it anymore, just in case.

In order to completed this tutorial, I still needs to learn and study something. Mostly the editing skills and other techniques in Imovie, since that’s the program that we’re going to use to edited the video of our tutorial, or maybe filming the video. Because I haven’t used Imovie a lot and I’m not really good at it, so that during the time that we edit together in technology class, I can ask my friend or my teacher to help me with it. In addition, I think it would be good to look at some other tutorials on Youtube about the same topic as how to use chopsticks. Because there might be some importances that I forgot to plan it, because after all this is my first time making one, so I need some examples.

That’s what I’ve did and thought about in the recent couple technology lessons. I hope you enjoyed it, see U all later.

March 5

My Art Project

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This is my first sketch of my latest art project. This is my cousin. It’s about when she pretend to smile, she actually fell really sad. I choose her because this is a good way of presenting a person’s charactoristicks with painting. I’m going to paint it with mostly red, pink and purple. Because she likes those colors.

March 4

Acts of Kindness

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Acts of kindness means the actions that show your friendliness to other people. An act of kindness can be very little things that you help people with everyday, it can also be a very big thing. For example in a basketball game, when your teammates get injured, give him some of your support like getting some ice for him if it’s bruising.

This is from Mr. Weekes, my elementary teacher. When he chose his job, he chose to be a teacher because he likes supporting people and help them to solve their problems. He aids students everyday now in YIS, he tutors students to answer the questions that they have; he helps kids with the knowledge that they don’t understand. He also assists students to make some hard decisions. He is a really good teacher, he helped me a lot. Here’s another example. This one is from Ms. Jungnitsch, my EAL teacher. Many years ago, she and her friend were walking on the street. It was really late and dark that night. They saw a blind man with a white stick, walking zig- zag on the road. She and her friend, approached to him, and they saw that the man was very nervous because he was sweating a lot and his shirt was wet. Ms. Jungnitsch asked if they could help him. The man asked them to help him to go to a train station. So Ms. Jungnitsch and her friend walked the man to the station and he thanked them a lot. Young people like us can help as well. We can help our classmates with studying. Like I helped Charlie with a tech problem last week to show my act of kindness to our classmate with study. I felt good because I used my knowledge to help people. In another example of people I helped with studying, I showed my act of kindness by teaching David with Japanese kanji in the language building during Japanese class. I felt proud of myself because I know a lot of Chinese characters which is the same as kanjis so I can help a lot of people with it. Also, as a kid, you can do things that you’re able of some chores for your parents when they are busy. For example, last week when my mom was busy cooking, I put the bowls and chopsticks on the table. And I washed the dishes since my mom was very tired. I felt good, too, because I got praise from her. If people do not help others, then our life will be full of sadness. It will be inhuman and everyone will be all “cold- blooded”. Because if we saw someone that really needs help but we just walk by, we have to be very heartless to do that. And if everyone is so cruel to each other, the world won’t be full of laughter and happiness. People help others because if we help him now, maybe one day you might need his help, and you’ll regret that you didn’t help him at that time. Also, if you help someone, there’s one more person in the world who won’t be your enemy; if you don’t help him and just ignore, the there’s one more person in the world won’t be your friend. It’s always a good thing to have a friend, not an enemy. We’re all a part of this world, so help people is the same as helping yourself. So it’s a good thing if you help people.