May 13

Drama Trailer —- SPY RACER

Hello guys, today I’ll be showing you our current project that we’ve been working on for drama class in the couple weeks recently. This unit in drama is speech and how you speak. So we have been working on making our on movie trailer and are assessed on the voice over part. Here’s the example that my group had made. Be hold, the SPY RACER!! (Hope you enjoy :3 )

  • Reflection

I think out group have done a really good job creating this trailer. It had the right music at the right scene, some cool action part like the matrix and some funny part. Overall I think I did a really good job in the voice over part. But I think we could of have added more voice over part.


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May 2

Film Making —- Shots & Angles

Hello guys, we have now started a brand new unit in English class which is FILM STADY! In today’s lesson we practiced taking some pictures with different angles. Here’s what our group did.

  • Worm’s Eye View 

  • (Low Angle Shots)

A High angle shot is usually taken from below the subject. A worm eye view is used to show how powerful and strong the person is.

  • Extreme Close Up

A extreme close up shot is usually taken by zooming the camera instead of put the camera right in front of the subject. The effect of this type of angle shot is that you can show the key detail in the movie.

  • Bird’s Eye View

  • (High Angle Shot)

A high angle shot is usually taken from above the subject. This type of angle shots can be used to show your subject’s weakness unlike the low angle shots.

I really look forwards to the films that we will be study on.


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