October 13

On explore Québec !

Historic District of Old Québec

Québec was founded by the French explorer Champlain in the early 17th century. It is the only North American city to have preserved its ramparts, together with the numerous bastions, gates and defensive works which still surround Old Québec. The Upper Town, built on the cliff, has remained the religious and administrative centre, with its churches, convents and other monuments like the Dauphine Redoubt, the Citadel and Château Frontenac. Together with the Lower Town and its ancient districts, it forms an urban ensemble which is one of the best examples of a fortified colonial city.

Place Royale

           Place Royale is the place where Samuel de Champlain founded Québec in 1608.


Notre-Dame-de-Québec Basilica-Cathedral

           Notre-Dame-de-Québec was built in 1647, leading in 1664 to the establishment of the first Roman Catholic parish north of the Spanish colonies.


Maison des Jésuites de Silvery

           The first permanent Jesuit establishment in the area, founded in 1637 in an effort to convert and settle the nomadic Algonquins  and their allies.



On été


Located in a beautiful setting in Charlesbourg, this 6900-yard golf course is considered one of the most challenging in the region. The banquet hall in the clubhouse can accommodate groups of up to 300. The perfect place for a golf tournament, business meeting or wedding. Eighteen-hole course, par 72, driving range, putting green, pro shop and lessons.



Pedal your way through lovely countryside as you admire rushing rivers, mountains, rolling hills, and the majestic and omnipresent St. Lawrence River.


En Automne


Explore the boreal forest as you follow the groomed walking and mountain biking trails leading past landscapes of breathtaking beauty in the Lac-Beauport area.


En hiver

Carnaval de Québec

World’s largest winter carnivals in beautiful Québec City. Every year, thousands of visitors flock to the Québec Winter Carnival to enjoy a host of activities for all ages, including snow bath, ice canoe race, night parades, snow slides, giant foosball, snow sculptures, shows, sleigh rides, and skating.


Au printemps

Ski Stoneham Mountain Resort

It’s Canada’s largest night skiing area,with four terrain parks for freestylers, including one with step-up jumps, plus an Olympic-caliber half pipe. It’s also Eastern Québec’s best après-ski ambience



Evénements à ne pas manquer

Le 350e anniversaire de Notre-Dame de Québec

The 350th anniversary celebrations will honour different aspects of our society: faith, history, family, heritage, culture, and lasting legacies for future generations.


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October 10

Two Weeks With The Queen – Reflection

My expression to the play “Two Weeks with the Queen” is comic, yet tragic. Because this play has lots of humorous parts for example and the end, when Alistair gets really angry, his speech was very funny. But alimentally, it’s a emotive play because Griff died, and Luke is going die eventually. Also, I think this play is pretty meaningful as well. Because through out all those troubles, Colin has matured a lot, and Alistair had pulled his self  back together from a sick kid.

What I’ve learnt about perspective from the play “Two Weeks with the Queen” is people have different perspectives, like Colin’s parents thinks that cancer is a terrible thing, but the naive kid, Colin, is not scared of that. If people don’t have different perspectives, this world is gonna be really boring. Also, in the beginning of the play, Colin didn’t show much empathy to his parent, he didn’t understand that cancer could kill Luke. But in the end, Colin realized that he needs to spend the precious time with Luke.

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October 3

Sports et passe-temps

Activity 1

1. Emilie is sending photos and video alone with the letter to Leticia.
2. Emilie like tennis, and skiing.
3. ??
4. ??
5. Emilie like rock music.

Activity 2

1. Emilie likes sports.
2. There’s is skiing in Quebec.
3. In winter Quebec isn’t boring.
4. ??
5. ??
6. Emilie likes music.

Activity 3

1. Salut!
2. Comment ça va?
3. Quel temps est-ce qu’il fait?
4. J’aime… J’adore…
5. C’est l’fun. C’est super. C’est très sympa.
6. Et la Californie, c’est comment?
7. A très bientôt.

Activity 4

1.Au printemps, Emilie fait de l’équitation.
2.En hiver, elle fait du ski, du patin.
3.En automne, elle fait du deltaplane.
4.En été, elle fait de la voile, de la natation.

Activity 5

1. Emilie fait du ski, moi non
2. Elle écoute de la musique, moi aussi
3. Emilie fait des films avec un caméscope, moi non.
4. Elle fait de l’équitation, moi non.
5. Quand il fait trop froid pour sortir, Emilie regarde la télé, moi aussi.
6. Emilie joue au tennis, moi non.

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October 3

Ipads Effect The World

I think we should decrease the amount of the ipads in YIS. Because I think cost a lot to make. It’s not only money that I’m talking about, also things much greater, lifes.

The tin that’s used to make Ipads could be really dangerous. In this article, people had died because of a tin mine collapsed. These conflict minerals mines are not safe, even illegal and lots of people in the developing countries was forced to work at these dangerous mines because they had to live and feed their family, they need moneys. For example, Rosnan (the person who died) was forced to work at an illegal tin mine on Bangka Island in Indonesia. Even with Rosnan’s death, other people was still digging right next to the collapse. People there was despaired.

In recent years about one-third of all the tin mined in the world has come from Bangka, nearby island Belitung to the east, and the seabeds off the islands’ shores. Because almost half of all tin is turned into solder for the electronics industry, a dominant force in the global tin market today is tablets and smartphones bought by consumers in the U.S. and elsewhere.

I think we don’t need these ipads because our computer are good enough (I don’t think this laptops are really necessary too for now either). I think we should donated or sell these ipads and donates the money to help those developing country so that people like Rosnan don’t have to work in these illegal mines.

Bibliograph Source

Simpson, Cam. “The Deadly Tin Inside Your Smartphone.” Bloomberg Business Week. Bloomberg, 23 Aug. 2012. Web. 02 Oct. 2014.


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