November 26

Reading Responses – Strombreaker

Point Blank is a book by Anthony Horoworz, it’s a story about a teenage boy hired by MI6 as an agent to fight evil enemies. After a intense and dangerous adventure, he saves the day.

Connection to self

I think the connection of this book to my self is that the character had to go to France on a mission, to investigate a case. Just like me, I had to go to Japan to study. He had to learn french in order to survive the trip, and I had to learn ore English in order to go to a international school.

Connection to other text

The Alex Rider series is one of the many book series of Anthony Horowitz. This book’s connection to one of his Gatekeeper’s series is call Evil Star. Because Alex traveled far away to France to fight crime, also Matt from the Evil Star went all the way to Lima in Peru to and fought with his enemy.

Connection to the world

I think the connect of this book Point Blank to the whole world is that lots of people make movies and comic books about heroic person. About people saving the day. There are lots of other ideas and production of heroes.


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November 13

Eye Balls Investigation !!

The light reflecting of from the object, goes through your cornea, then the pupil and then through the lens where the images gets up- side- down. Then the image goes to the retina, it sent signal through the optic nerve into your brain.


Pupil is used to let lights inside your eye ball.

Cornea is to protect your eye ball.

Lens is used to zoom it and out.

Iris is the muscle that make the pupil bigger or smaller.

Retina sent signal to the optic nerve.

The optic nerve travels into your brain.


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November 11

My SMART Goals





Time- based

-Academic Goal-

For an academic based goal, I would like to move up a level in Japanese class. Because first of all, when you move to a new country, it’s always good and useful to learn to speak the local language. And it would really help a lot in your daily life. In order to achieve this goal, I will need to both work hard in class, and do a extra bit of study at home. I will try review the stuff that I learnt every night, and try to memorize some extra Japanese words on the weekends. I think it’s a possible thing to do. As I mentioned before, learning the Japanese will really help you out in your daily life. For example you can chat with your neighbors and order food in restaurants and ask for help when you get lost. I am going to set two checkpoints, one is around midterm, it’s when I can check and see how I do, and maybe adjust my goals a little bit. And the second goals is the end of Grade 7, thats when I finally assess my self on this goal.

-Community Goal-

For a community based goal, I would like to interact and make friends of people in other class, and other grades. Because next year, there will be a new class arranged with different people, you might loss some of your old friends. Also in this big middle school community, how we can add to it is making new friends, meeting and talking to new people. I think I can do this by using the opportunity of after activities like basketball and bands. For example, I have basketball training on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it’s a good chance to meet new people in 8th grade and 6th grade. Same with Rock School on Wednesdays. Also I’ve joined the Wind Ensemble which has some of high school musicians which I can make friends with. I think I can do it as long as I have the courage to start a conversation and getting to know each other.



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