May 1

Fictional Character: Why do we like them so much?

Today was a “dress as your favourite character” sprit day at Y.I.S. In English, we looked at what it is about our favourite characters that makes us like them so much.

I’ve chosen Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul to examine. I like Kaneki because he is a rare unique, and special ghoul. Commonly, ghouls have 2 red eyes. But Kaneki has only on red eye. That enables him to live 2 lifes in both worlds. In day time, he goes to school as Kaneki Ken. But at night, he fights as the ghoul named Gantai (eye patch).

However, if an author just told us there thing it would be pretty boring. Instead, they show us using characterisation techniques. (action appearance, speech, thoughts and interactions.)

Kaneki Ken is characterise as a specially kind ghoul through his reluctant action. For example, when he fights Amon (the  antagonist), he said that he would avoid that battle if possible, because he dose not want to harm anyone. But eventually he reluctantly fought that battle.

This is a good example of the author showing you the identity of characters, through his action. Not just telling but showing you.

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