May 7

Food Labels – Reflection Paragraph

I think this project was quite interesting. Because I get to learn how to use/create and play around with a newly introduced thing call infographic, and I think that’s going to help me out a lot in other research situations. So this project is also pretty useful.

One of the things that was frustrating is as always, researching (it’s one of my weakness) Some sources say that beef is has the most carbon footprints, but some other sources say that lamb has the most carbon footprint. I had to do some investigation on the side. I choose to trust the site that seems the least bias.

One of the ways that I have used in my food label to show people the carbon footprints and water footprints in different foods, is by comparing the amount consumed, to other numbers that we’re familiar with in our daily life.(wow that’s a long sentence) For example, I have compared 1500 litres of water to the equivalent to 1 year of daily shower. It’s hard for us to estimate or imagine how much 1500 litres of water is, but we know roughly how much water we use in showers, and times that by a year, you can easily imagine the amount of water that was used.

Also, I’ve tried to convince people to buy things that consumes lower carbon / water footprint, by making a graph that compares different foods. For example, if you want to reduce the carbon footprint, you should buy more beef than lamb, because lamb consumes more CO2 than beef as shown in the graph.

We have discuss and able to draw the conclusion that the pesticide is the easiest to attack. David said that it’s not hard to trace back to the origin of the foods, and research about the pesticide in foods. And the Child Labor was quite hard. Because Julynn said that there’s no much child labor or informations about child labor in food. It’s mostly facts about gold and clothings.

Our group works went okay (surprisingly JK :P). We each worked on a different problems. I think we should change that next time. Because if we get stuck, no one can help us because we’re all focusing on a different topic. Also, I want to see if three of us working on a topic them move on to the next is faster or more efficient than each of us split up and work on different topics.

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