August 26

Chapitre 7 – La familie

Tu as compris?

1.What are Isabelle and Thuy talking about?

They are talking about Isabelle’s family.

2.Does Isabelle have brothers or sisters? If so, what are their names?

She have a brother and his name is Alexandre.

3.How many cousins does she have?

She have 3 cousins.

4.Who are some of the other family members she mentions?

Her aunt, Véronique. Her father and mother. Her grandparents.

5.How does Isabelle feel about her family? How can you tell?

I don’t think Isabelle like the big family she has got. Because she thought Thuy is lucky when Thuy said she was the only child.


Vrai ou faux?
  1. Julie a huit ans. – Vrais
  2. Julie est blonde. – Faux
  3. Les cousins d’Isabelle habitent à Paris. – Faux
  4. Tante Véronique n’a pas d’animaux. – Faux
  5. Thuy a un frère. – Faux


Quelle photo?

  1. Il a onze ans. (2)
  2. En maths, elle a toujours 18 sur 20. (1)
  3. J’ai un an et demi, je crois… (3)
  4. Elle a huit ans. (4)
  1. A teenage girl.
  2. A teenage boy playing a saxophone.
  3. A cute, smiling baby girl.
  4. A young girl holding a cat.


Cherche les expressions

  1. ask permission? – Je peux… ?
  2. identify family members? – C’est…
  3. describe someone? – Ils sont heureux. – Ce sont…
  4. pay a compliment? – Elle est adorable. – Elle est très intelligente.
  5. tell someone’s age – Il/Elle a… ans.
  6. complain about someone? – Il est parfois pénible.
Et maintenant, à toi

Est-ce que la famille d’Isabelle est comme les familles que tu connais? Est-ce qu’elle est différente? Pourquoi?

My family is like a family in China. I don’t have any siblings. But I have plenty of cousins.


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