September 8


Stereotypes are the assumption that we make to certain types of people’s characteristics. The way we assume how specific individuals will act, speak or look (appearance). Example are (please don’t get offended)

  • All Arabs and Muslims are terrorists.
  • Italian or French people are the best lovers.
  • All Jews are greedy.
  • All Asians are good at math. All Asians like to eat rice and drive slow.

Personally, I think stereotypes aren’t really a good thing. We shouldn’t judge people according to their stereotypes. Just like how we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover page. A bad example is that black people get treated unfairly, because of their stereotype/ skin colour, racism. If one person of that kind, has an odd personality, doesn’t mean the entire race has an odd one.

I don’t think stereotypes are a useful thing. It sometimes gives us wrong impressions of people, and sometimes let us to misjudge people. It probably would end up badly in misunderstandment. And we want to treat people nicely and fairly, for who they really are, not their stereotype.

Ya never know, a tough looking guy might be nerdy 🙂


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