November 2

Elevator Scene Reflection

Overall, I think our elevator scene went quite successful. Everyone portrated a vastly different characteristic. But we all interacted with each other, and thought that we displayed our characteristics well. Which is what made this scene interesting and funny.

I displayed very extroverted and out- going attitude, to create my character. I as my character initiatively tried to start conversation with other characters in the scene. Which also illustrated my character’s motivation. Because he was a stereotypical extrovert, very out- going and talkative, that why he tried talk with random people he just met in the elevator. This extroverted personality was also shown by his relationship with other character. The extreme comparison to Everest’s character with his introverted personality. I was trying to talk to him, whereas he just hid his face and did not look at me.

In addition, I showed status by bending down to talk to Everest and Tessa sometimes while they were sitting on the ground, and standing the up the whole time. This physicality aspect of my character standing up straight, presents a character with slightly higher status.

In this unit I learnt how to create a character using aspects of a person such as status, stereotype and motivation. Stay in a character and not breaking it was something that I found a challenging. Maybe I can improve on fully portraying a complete different character, without any part of me.

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