November 3

G8 Field Studies – Expanding my comfort zone

One of the challenges I faced while rock climbing was, well, climbing. The Guide said that we were only using our arms to pull ourselves up. Instead we should also use our feet to push up as well. When we are struggling with one side of obstacle, maybe try with working it out from a different perspective. When I can’t solve a math problem, maybe I can try with a different equation.

The challenging thing for me when I was rafting was that getting the team to paddle at the same paste. In order to have good teamwork, we must agree on beat. What helped was shouting the rhythm like “1,2,1,2…”, and adjusting if it’s going to fast or slow. And if one person slows down, it drags the whole team down. This lesson could be applied in playing team sports. The team is as good as the worst person, so to bring on the teamwork, we have be on the same level; agree on the beat.

When we were doing canyoning, there were a lot of scary high jumps and we had to jump off the the rock. Now I am a person who is very afraid heights. So I really have to image what it’s going to feel like after it’s done, and just taking the leap of faith. Being a risk taker is really going to help me when I’m trying out news things. And one thing I can to to help overcome the fears is to thinks about the feeling about I have completed the challenge. Which is also something very useful that I have learnt during this activity.


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