January 26

Drama Infomercial

How can I improve as a public speaker?

Speech elements –

I think in this infomercial project, I was able to lower the pitch of my voice, to sound more cool and put more energy into the video. But I think I could improve my vocal modulations, because I needed to loud for people to hear me, while still maintaining a low pitched voice. Which is an important aspect of public speaking. Being loud enough, but sound good enough as well. Which I think I could have done better.

Opportunities –

In order to have more opportunities for me to speak publicly, I will introduce my performances during concerts. In addition, I will try to the MC for the next MS Red & White concert. To introduce the acts and performances. I think this will be a great opportunity to practice and improve by public speaking skills. Also, I think I could use that opportunity to use my ability to make my the pitch of my voice lower, to sound more dramatic.

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