June 3

Drama Comedy Reflection

In this unit of Drama, we explored physical comedy, can development a unique character around the central idea of comedy. We prepared and practiced tricks such as the snap sticks, and we also incorporated in the idea of portraying a character through the usage of hats. And finale we created our own comedy routine.


The visit of the comedian Rene was very influential in our comedy routine’s development. He helped me to create and development of my character. I took in his suggestion of learning some Chinese sword martial arts. Because I can use that to incorporate the sword tricks into the stick that I was using. After some research of Kung Fu sword/ stick martial arts, I discovered Jackie Chan.  And his Kung Fu comedy films also influenced the development of my character, into a comedic, Kung Fu grandpa. By incorporating a straw hat, old- man- walk, and some slap- sticks. Not only did I took inspiration from some of Jackie Chan’s films, I was also inspired by Rene’s demonstration of Chinese Swords Fights moves as well. With his ways of making a fight scene very hilarious, such as by making funny noises like Bruce Lee with the mouth as you do a move.


I received feedback from Ms. Ericsson, saying that we need to make our comedy routine more active and snappy. So we change our comedy routine according to the feedback and cut out the talking parts and added more action parts. Also, I learnt a very important aspect of and sort of drama production from Rene’s feedback, that the ending is the most crucial. So, applied the feedback of making Meg a surprisingly strong character who accidentally wonders on stage, and knocks everyone down by mistake. And used it as a unexpected ending, as it differs from the idea of a boxing match. As for my own character, it was especially influenced by Rene’s suggestion of researching some Chinese Sword Martial Arts. Which was what gave the inspiration of looking at some of Jackie Chan’s work.

Overall, I enjoyed this unit. And with the help from the comedian visits, I think our comedy routine was successful. I have applied thing that I have learnt from class such as the slap stick. Also, I took in advises from Rene and made a strong and adequate and comedic ending. Though I think we could have divided our parts more evenly.

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