March 9

Kindergarten Activity Reflection

Today our Grade 9 class read books and played with some Kindergarteners. Personally reflection on this experience, I think that it was a disaster. As a personal liability, I am not very good at interacting with young and little kids. Obviously, I have tried, to my full extent, to behave as friendly as possible today. Despiteful, the interaction with my designated child was not a success, in my own opinion. I think that this was also partially caused by the shyness that lies in the personality of the child that I tried to read books. In addition, I concluded that the lack of eagerness and engagement, found in the child during our interactions, could be also caused by the opposite gender as well. I think that this issue impacts the barrier, in which the child distance herself away from me, as I read the book. especially when the subject is at a very young age. However, this was not the child’s fault, I do not blame her. I take responsibility for the enjoyable time that we had together. Limited interest and joy in the child’s facial expressions were observed, during the time when I tried to engage her by playing some board game. Reflecting upon this with an IB learner of Caring, and through thinking with great empathy, I feel extremely depressed after this experience. Because I was unable to entertain the child that I worked with today. Through that boredom and sadness that I saw in her eyes, I feel that I have failed to provide her with a joyous time as compared to the other people’s interactions with their designated children. Further reflecting on this personally, I feel great fear about when it comes to the time when I have to raise my own child, that I might fail as a parent. I really have tried my very best. But as I have stated before, I am afraid that I am not good with kids. Moreover, I feel immensely sorrowful for the child, whom I failed, miserably, to take care of today. I feel very bad as she felt real bad. I feel even worse as I see other people’s successful cases. To conclude finally, I. Have absolutely, no idea. As to what I should do next. 🙁 I am currently very sad and depressed.) I hope that the honesty, plainness and truthfulness in this reflection is be understood and appreciated.

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