November 21

About The Author

Hi guy, my name is Shaolun AKA—- the Chinese Man!

I’m 11 years old now. I used to live in China where I was born( As you can see). I’ve spent most of me live there. I just moved to Japan a few mouth ago and now I go to YIS, Yokohama international school every day.

I can speak Chinese, a little japanese which I’m still learning right now and not very perfect English.

My passion is basketball. I’m a Laker’s fans. I really look up to kobe Bryant and I want to be as strong as him  in basketball one day.

From Kobe Bryant

My other hobbies are reading and sleeping z Z Z. I also like soccer, table tannins and ice hockey.


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I can play two different instruments they are classical guitar(left)and saxophone (right, look it’s shinny). I used learn how to play guitar in China and now I do it at pull out lesson at YIS. Here’s the song that we made recently. The yankee doodle. (It’s used to be a war song, but who knows)

Hope you enjoy the song.


My favorite singer is Eminem and my favorite song is his Not Afraid.  I’m not afraid~ to take stand ~ ( I’m not really good at singing actually)

I also like so minecraft parody like this one—- TNT

My favorite food is pizza. Some other food I like are fried rice and noodles I think they taste quite good.

My favorite game is CS Portable. It’s a really cool killing game, there’s different kinds of guns and any thing that you can imagine.

My best friend is Athul, if you click the link you can go to his blog.

Now before you leave this page, watch this video to relax. (It’s illegal for you to watch if you don’t comment).

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