March 4

Acts of Kindness

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Acts of kindness means the actions that show your friendliness to other people. An act of kindness can be very little things that you help people with everyday, it can also be a very big thing. For example in a basketball game, when your teammates get injured, give him some of your support like getting some ice for him if it’s bruising.

This is from Mr. Weekes, my elementary teacher. When he chose his job, he chose to be a teacher because he likes supporting people and help them to solve their problems. He aids students everyday now in YIS, he tutors students to answer the questions that they have; he helps kids with the knowledge that they don’t understand. He also assists students to make some hard decisions. He is a really good teacher, he helped me a lot. Here’s another example. This one is from Ms. Jungnitsch, my EAL teacher. Many years ago, she and her friend were walking on the street. It was really late and dark that night. They saw a blind man with a white stick, walking zig- zag on the road. She and her friend, approached to him, and they saw that the man was very nervous because he was sweating a lot and his shirt was wet. Ms. Jungnitsch asked if they could help him. The man asked them to help him to go to a train station. So Ms. Jungnitsch and her friend walked the man to the station and he thanked them a lot. Young people like us can help as well. We can help our classmates with studying. Like I helped Charlie with a tech problem last week to show my act of kindness to our classmate with study. I felt good because I used my knowledge to help people. In another example of people I helped with studying, I showed my act of kindness by teaching David with Japanese kanji in the language building during Japanese class. I felt proud of myself because I know a lot of Chinese characters which is the same as kanjis so I can help a lot of people with it. Also, as a kid, you can do things that you’re able of some chores for your parents when they are busy. For example, last week when my mom was busy cooking, I put the bowls and chopsticks on the table. And I washed the dishes since my mom was very tired. I felt good, too, because I got praise from her. If people do not help others, then our life will be full of sadness. It will be inhuman and everyone will be all “cold- blooded”. Because if we saw someone that really needs help but we just walk by, we have to be very heartless to do that. And if everyone is so cruel to each other, the world won’t be full of laughter and happiness. People help others because if we help him now, maybe one day you might need his help, and you’ll regret that you didn’t help him at that time. Also, if you help someone, there’s one more person in the world who won’t be your enemy; if you don’t help him and just ignore, the there’s one more person in the world won’t be your friend. It’s always a good thing to have a friend, not an enemy. We’re all a part of this world, so help people is the same as helping yourself. So it’s a good thing if you help people.