January 29

What heathy living mean to me?

  • What does a healthy diet look like?

A heathy diet should be balanced. You shouldn’t just eat too much meat and no vegetables. You should eat same amount of meat and vegetables.

  • How much exercise is healthy?

As much as your comfortable with.

  • What else matters?

In order to stay heathy, good resting is also very important.

November 13

Eye Balls Investigation !!

The light reflecting of from the object, goes through your cornea, then the pupil and then through the lens where the images gets up- side- down. Then the image goes to the retina, it sent signal through the optic nerve into your brain.


Pupil is used to let lights inside your eye ball.

Cornea is to protect your eye ball.

Lens is used to zoom it and out.

Iris is the muscle that make the pupil bigger or smaller.

Retina sent signal to the optic nerve.

The optic nerve travels into your brain.


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October 3

Ipads Effect The World

I think we should decrease the amount of the ipads in YIS. Because I think cost a lot to make. It’s not only money that I’m talking about, also things much greater, lifes.

The tin that’s used to make Ipads could be really dangerous. In this article, people had died because of a tin mine collapsed. These conflict minerals mines are not safe, even illegal and lots of people in the developing countries was forced to work at these dangerous mines because they had to live and feed their family, they need moneys. For example, Rosnan (the person who died) was forced to work at an illegal tin mine on Bangka Island in Indonesia. Even with Rosnan’s death, other people was still digging right next to the collapse. People there was despaired.

In recent years about one-third of all the tin mined in the world has come from Bangka, nearby island Belitung to the east, and the seabeds off the islands’ shores. Because almost half of all tin is turned into solder for the electronics industry, a dominant force in the global tin market today is tablets and smartphones bought by consumers in the U.S. and elsewhere.

I think we don’t need these ipads because our computer are good enough (I don’t think this laptops are really necessary too for now either). I think we should donated or sell these ipads and donates the money to help those developing country so that people like Rosnan don’t have to work in these illegal mines.

Bibliograph Source

Simpson, Cam. “The Deadly Tin Inside Your Smartphone.” Bloomberg Business Week. Bloomberg, 23 Aug. 2012. Web. 02 Oct. 2014.


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April 10

How to separate salt & sand mixture


1. Water.

 2. 1 Bunsen Burner                            

3. 1 Heating Mat

4. 1 Tripod

5. 1 300ml sized Beaker

6. Matches

7. Safety glasses

8. Gauze mat.

9. Glass rod.

1o. Funnel

11. Filter paper

12. Retord stand.

13. Ring.


1. Add the water into the beaker with the sand and salt mixture, until the level of the water reaches 300ml.

2. Set up the bunsen burner as the picture below, and start heating your mixtures. Don’t forget to wear your safety glasses while heating the mixture.

3. Use the glass rod to mix your mixture and to get the salt dissolved. Remember to take the beaker of the bunsen before mixing it.

4. If the salt is completely dissolved stop heating. Keep the bunsen burner, you will use it later on.

5. Set up the filtering system like so in diagram below.

6.Start pouring the mixture into the filtering paper : little by little
(TIP: change your filter paper if it becomes soaking wet. Keep the sand though!)

Check point:

So far if you’re doing correctly, the sand will stay on filter paper while the salt water is now flowing into the other beaker.

7. Wait until the beaker had cooled down, then start heating the beaker with the salt- water once again.

8. Wait for all the water had evaporated. (That might take a wile but be patient.)

Final Check Point:

And now if you have done it correct, you have only the salt left over in the beaker.

Photo on 4-10-14 at 1.02 PM Then congratulation, you’re done!

     Busen burner

Filtering system.


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