November 3

G8 Field Studies – Expanding my comfort zone

One of the challenges I faced while rock climbing was, well, climbing. The Guide said that we were only using our arms to pull ourselves up. Instead we should also use our feet to push up as well. When we are struggling with one side of obstacle, maybe try with working it out from a different perspective. When I can’t solve a math problem, maybe I can try with a different equation.

The challenging thing for me when I was rafting was that getting the team to paddle at the same paste. In order to have good teamwork, we must agree on beat. What helped was shouting the rhythm like “1,2,1,2…”, and adjusting if it’s going to fast or slow. And if one person slows down, it drags the whole team down. This lesson could be applied in playing team sports. The team is as good as the worst person, so to bring on the teamwork, we have be on the same level; agree on the beat.

When we were doing canyoning, there were a lot of scary high jumps and we had to jump off the the rock. Now I am a person who is very afraid heights. So I really have to image what it’s going to feel like after it’s done, and just taking the leap of faith. Being a risk taker is really going to help me when I’m trying out news things. And one thing I can to to help overcome the fears is to thinks about the feeling about I have completed the challenge. Which is also something very useful that I have learnt during this activity.


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April 16

Student Led Conference – BLEET

I think that SLCs are a good idea for us. Because we get to talk and share with our parents about our school work, and school life. Also, we get to identify and analyse what we’re good at (ATL), so we can elaborate on them. As well as what we need to improve, so that we can fix the problem.

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November 11

My SMART Goals





Time- based

-Academic Goal-

For an academic based goal, I would like to move up a level in Japanese class. Because first of all, when you move to a new country, it’s always good and useful to learn to speak the local language. And it would really help a lot in your daily life. In order to achieve this goal, I will need to both work hard in class, and do a extra bit of study at home. I will try review the stuff that I learnt every night, and try to memorize some extra Japanese words on the weekends. I think it’s a possible thing to do. As I mentioned before, learning the Japanese will really help you out in your daily life. For example you can chat with your neighbors and order food in restaurants and ask for help when you get lost. I am going to set two checkpoints, one is around midterm, it’s when I can check and see how I do, and maybe adjust my goals a little bit. And the second goals is the end of Grade 7, thats when I finally assess my self on this goal.

-Community Goal-

For a community based goal, I would like to interact and make friends of people in other class, and other grades. Because next year, there will be a new class arranged with different people, you might loss some of your old friends. Also in this big middle school community, how we can add to it is making new friends, meeting and talking to new people. I think I can do this by using the opportunity of after activities like basketball and bands. For example, I have basketball training on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it’s a good chance to meet new people in 8th grade and 6th grade. Same with Rock School on Wednesdays. Also I’ve joined the Wind Ensemble which has some of high school musicians which I can make friends with. I think I can do it as long as I have the courage to start a conversation and getting to know each other.



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