March 9

Kindergarten Activity Reflection

Today our Grade 9 class read books and played with some Kindergarteners. Personally reflection on this experience, I think that it was a disaster. As a personal liability, I am not very good at interacting with young and little kids. Obviously, I have tried, to my full extent, to behave as friendly as possible today. Despiteful, the interaction with my designated child was not a success, in my own opinion. I think that this was also partially caused by the shyness that lies in the personality of the child that I tried to read books. In addition, I concluded that the lack of eagerness and engagement, found in the child during our interactions, could be also caused by the opposite gender as well. I think that this issue impacts the barrier, in which the child distance herself away from me, as I read the book. especially when the subject is at a very young age. However, this was not the child’s fault, I do not blame her. I take responsibility for the enjoyable time that we had together. Limited interest and joy in the child’s facial expressions were observed, during the time when I tried to engage her by playing some board game. Reflecting upon this with an IB learner of Caring, and through thinking with great empathy, I feel extremely depressed after this experience. Because I was unable to entertain the child that I worked with today. Through that boredom and sadness that I saw in her eyes, I feel that I have failed to provide her with a joyous time as compared to the other people’s interactions with their designated children. Further reflecting on this personally, I feel great fear about when it comes to the time when I have to raise my own child, that I might fail as a parent. I really have tried my very best. But as I have stated before, I am afraid that I am not good with kids. Moreover, I feel immensely sorrowful for the child, whom I failed, miserably, to take care of today. I feel very bad as she felt real bad. I feel even worse as I see other people’s successful cases. To conclude finally, I. Have absolutely, no idea. As to what I should do next. 🙁 I am currently very sad and depressed.) I hope that the honesty, plainness and truthfulness in this reflection is be understood and appreciated.

May 22

Chapitre 10 – Mise en Train

Activity 1

  1. Because it’s Sophie’s birthday
  2. Probably jeans or tee- shirt
  3. Something original
  4. Green skirt

Activity 2

  1. «J’aimerais quelque chose d’original et pas trop cher.» – Magali
  2. «Je peux vous aider?» – La vendeuse
  3. «Moi, j’aime bien être en jean et en tee-shirt. C’est simple et agréable à porter.» – Helena 
  4. «Qu’est-ce que vous faites comme taille?» – La vendeuse
  5. «Chacun ses goûts.» – Helena
  6. «Est-ce que vous l’avez en vert?» – Magali
  7. «C’est tout à fait votre style.» – La vendeuse
  8. «Ce n’est pas tellement mon style.» – Magali

Activity 3

  1. C’est pas original.
  2. C’est pas tellement mon style
  3. C’est un peu large

Activity 4

  1. Qu’est-ce que vous faites comme taille? – Je fais du 38.
  2. Comment la trouvez-vous? – Bof. Ce n’est pas tellement mon style.
  3. Je peux vous aider? – Je cherche quelque chose pour aller à une fête.
  4. Ah, très chic! C’est tout à fait votre style. – Vous trouvez? Mais, je ne sais pas quoi mettre avec.

Activity 5

  1. express indecision? – Je ne sais pas quoi mettre.
  2. express satisfaction with your clothes? – C’est simple et agréable à porter.
  3. tell a salesperson what you want? – J’aimerais quelque chose de…
  4. tell what size you wear? – Je fais du…
  5. express dissatisfaction with clothes? – C’est pas tellement mon style
  6. ask for a certain color or size? –  Est-ce que vous l’avez en… ?

Activity 6

Je n’aime pas le style de Helena. Parce que le jeans et le tee- shirt sont style est informel. J’aime bien de vetements comme formal.

April 16

Student Led Conference – BLEET

I think that SLCs are a good idea for us. Because we get to talk and share with our parents about our school work, and school life. Also, we get to identify and analyse what we’re good at (ATL), so we can elaborate on them. As well as what we need to improve, so that we can fix the problem.

Link to my Mind Mup

January 29

What heathy living mean to me?

  • What does a healthy diet look like?

A heathy diet should be balanced. You shouldn’t just eat too much meat and no vegetables. You should eat same amount of meat and vegetables.

  • How much exercise is healthy?

As much as your comfortable with.

  • What else matters?

In order to stay heathy, good resting is also very important.

April 24

Tech Tutorial —- How to use chopsticks

Hello guys, this is my tutorial that teaches you how to use chopsticks. I have been working on the in technology class for this tutorial unit. The reason why I chose to teach how to use chopsticks is that I figure that if you’re a European or Americans (Not being racist here! ) who dose not know how to use a chopsticks and you went to visit Japan, and you’re eating at a local restaurant which serves only chopsticks. Then you are going to face a big problem, that there’s very delicious foods right in front of you but you have no idea how to use chopsticks to eat them. But after watching my tutorial, you should be able to do that. Hope you guys like it.


During the process of creating my tutorial and the finished project, I think those things meet most of the tutorial criteria that our class made. First, I spoke clearly and loudly and the language is easy for people to understand. Second, my video doesn’t have any weird background, it’s just a white wall, with no noises except for me speaking. Also, I gave some titles in the tutorial for keynotes, like when you’re using a chopstick, make sure that you’re using your dominant hand. And since I filmed my video with my laptop, so it the camera was very steady, and the quality was quite good. Also, I gave some tips and tricks in the video. For example, when you’re holding chopsticks, not too far in the front, not too far at the back. In addition, in my video, I always stay on the topic and the background music is pretty cool but not destructing the viewers as well. And I also gave credits and the needed materials too.


During the time when I was creating my tutorial, I got some inspiration from other tutorials and peoples. For example, the idea of the intro in my video, just music without any voice but also can introduce your video is from this video. The idea of zooming some part to show the details of my tutorial is from this video. Also I think it’s very important that a tutorial has a interesting and useful thing to teach, so that it can “hook” the viewers. The idea of teaching how to use chopstick is from a friend named Charlie, he’s from America so he don’t how to use chopstick, and one day saw him struggle with using chopsticks to eat cup noodles from a convenient store, and that inspirited me. In addition, I learnt a lot about Imovie editing. For example,  how to add music; how to duck soundtracks and volumes of the music and how to add transitions and titles.


I think there’s still some challenging things for me and questions that puzzles me. For example, what music should I choose for the video, because if you’re trying to teach something, it’s probably not good to have rock music in the background. Also, I think I have the basic editing skills in Imovie, but to make a better tutorial, I think I still needs to learn more advanced editing techniques.


Last week we also looked at people’s tutorials from other class to analyze them by commenting on their tutorials. Here’s some examples that I commented on.

Kai’s tutorial

William’s tutorial

Alex’s tutorial 

Also, in the very beginning of this unit, we created a survey for later (which is now) to evaluate our tutorials. Feel free to fill it in. Thank you. BYE. 🙂