June 3

Art Reflection

Hey guys. So in the unit of art class, we have working on designing, carving and printing our own pattern. Here is the one that I created and printed.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 2.14.08 PM

In this unit, we first looked at different kinds of patterns from different cultures, then we sketched one of our favorites, and practiced and studied positive and negative space on that by coloring one only in the positive space and the other only in negative space. Then we designed our own pattern and transported it on the plate. Finally, we carved the plate and printed them in color.

As you can see that in the main part of my pattern in the middle is a figure of yin-and-yang, from the Chinese culture’s motif. And I made some adjustments like making all the curvy and circular lines into straight lines, to make them into my own motif. Also lots of my classmates said that the yin-and-yang look like Packman. I choose this motif because that it represents my culture since I’m a Chinese. Also, I like how this signature has very even positive and negative as well. In addition, I’ve chosen this because how it shows that people can have their dark side, which is the black half, and positive side, which is the white half.

I think the most challenging aspect of this project is the carving part. It’s difficult for my because for example I have some detailed parts in my design, which has line that has thin gaps in between, I have to be really careful. And lots of lines and only looks good when it’s straight, I had to carve very cautiously as well. Also, there are a few triangle shapes in my pattern, and it’s corner is super hard to carve. In addition, there are some slant lines in my design, and I couldn’t find a side to put my plate against the wooden blocking thing, to be safe when I was caring.

I solved those major problems by doing for example, I spent sometimes just to find the carving tools that has the thinnest blades, to carve the detail parts. Also, I carved very slowly and carefully while I was trying to make very straight lines. And, to carve triangle shapes, also used very thin carving knife, and carved slowly and very very gingerly at the corner of the shape. In addition, I figured that I can put my plate in angle, against the wooden thing, and support the plate by putting my hand on the side of the plate, to carve slanted straight lines.

In this year of art class, I think I’ve learnt lots and lots of knowledge and skills that will help me in art class in Grade 7 and 8. For example, I’ve learnt plenty of vocabularies that is very useful in art. Like blending, gradation, shading, positive and negative spaces, Aesthetic, social and portraits. I’ve also learnt lots of skills and techniques in painting, printing and drawing as well. For example, in painting, how to blend too different color together, how to add tints and shades of a color. In, drawing, how to draw thing realistic using gradations and how to draw detailed human facial organs. In printing, a experimental knowledge of carving, and how to print using a carved plate, also designing our own patterns.

I enjoyed this year of art class a lot, and I’m looking forwards to next year’s art!





April 23

My Artist Statement

This unit in art we’ve been working on paint self- portraits for a long time and I’m nearly done. This is my painting.

Photo on 4-16-14 at 1.02 PM

The title of my portrait is “I’m (not) alright.” The function of this painting is social.

In the very beginning of this unit, I first start with practicing blending colors to make tints and shade. For example, from  light blue to dark blue.

Photo on 4-16-14 at 1.55 PM


Then I practiced blending different color into each other so that they don’t have those hard lines between them. After that, I made a portrait painting planning checklist. That’s for helping me think figure out what do I want my portrait is about, what’s the function of my portrait, what does is represent and what will it look like. Then I looked at lots of artists’s portrait for inspiration and ideas for our own painting. Next I drew two different composition sketches like how big do I want the head be and where? I also did a quick sketches of the portrait just to practice and think about the colors. After that we  just kept drawing and trying out new brush works and color blending.

During that process, I’ve ran into lots of problems and challenges, but I have overcomes them all. First thing is I not good at drawing so the outline won’t be so good, but I practiced once at home so I knew what i’m going to draw. Second, I couldn’t control my hand to be very steady very well so some times my brush shook a little bit then the line wasn’t straight, or the color when over the place where it suppose to be. I solved this problem by picking very very thin brushes to paint some parts. Also, another problem is that when I try to blend colors to it’s tints and shades, next class I came but I forgot how much white or black I added last to blend the same color. So every time I will paint the color on another piece of paper to see if it’s the same color as last time. In addition, when I try to blend to colors together to make a gradation, the old color always get dried up and make it hard to blend. I solved it by wetting the brush just little bit and wet the color again before blending.

I think my painting has lot of strength. For example, I think it’s really cool that half of her face is in shades color, and the other half is in tints color, and half is smiling and half is crying, also with some good blending between those tints and shades. Also, I think the hair looks realistic because I used different values of tint purple, different values of dark purple on both half of the face. Also what I think I did really good is the background sky, I spent a lot of time to blend the tint blue and the shades blue. It also took my some time to blend them together, from light to dark.

My drawing not only has strength, but some weaknesses as well. For example, I think I could have paint the tears more realistic. Also, if you look closely at my painting, there a lot of little white dots on it. That’s because as I mentioned before, my hand isn’t steady, I’m a faired of draw the paint over other colors so I’m not going to fix it.

I show my cousin’s personalities and how she’s like in this painting. For example, like what I just mentioned before, I painted her face half dark purple, and half light purple because that shows that when people teases or make fun of her, she will pretend to smile but she actually felt bad and sad. Also you might notice that I didn’t paint the background like her face, instead I painted it both half the same for a reason. That’s because her personality don’t effect the “outside” or other people so I didn’t paint it one half tints and the other half shades. And most of the times her personality is hidden.


March 5

My Art Project

Photo on 3-5-14 at 9.23 AM

This is my first sketch of my latest art project. This is my cousin. It’s about when she pretend to smile, she actually fell really sad. I choose her because this is a good way of presenting a person’s charactoristicks with painting. I’m going to paint it with mostly red, pink and purple. Because she likes those colors.