February 6

Grade 6 Showcase Portfolio

Goals can help you learn and improve, so I set my self some goal that can help me just fine,

First Goal:

Get my body more stronger. This is important because everything depends on a good body. If you have a important test coming up and you studied really hard, but unfortunately you’re sick because you’re too tired. I would like to achieve it by exercise more and stay fit. For example, do 30 push- up per day and run a coupe circles in the park on the little hill near my house. And guess what, so far so good. I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay much stronger and tougher than the time that I first started it.

Second Goal:

Learn to speak at least 3 different kinds of language and improve. It’s important because I’m living abroad so I need to local language and international language also I have to know my mother tongue. And you can communicate better if you understand the language. I would like to achieve by using the my after school time to learn more language like more Japanese and improve the my Chinese.

Third Goal:

Learn to play at least 2 different kinds of instruments. Because it’s always good to know more, and you can make more friends. Plus, I like playing music.

After setting goals, more important is action. You’re never going to improve with just the planning stuffs, but also with the works you’ve done.

(PS: I organized it by IB learner’s profiles.)

First stop we have …….. RISK TAKER !!

In drama class we need to act a lot and those things are pretty embarrassing and awkward but I’m not shy to do those things.  Also in music class I always try to play the hard ones to challenge my self and I wasn’t afraid to fail nor embarrass my self.



Next stop we have ……. REFLECTIVE !!

You can improve not only by getting knowledge and practice, but also write some reflection and analyze to see what was the problem and what to improve. For Art class after we drew our self portrait, I did a long reflection to see we I did well and I should keep, also what I didn’t do really good to improve on for next time.

For technology class, we also did a lot of long reflection after each stage of our unit to see what we’ve done well and what we need to improve on. Here’s an example of our investigation stage in our last becoming blogger unit.

Since it’s another blog post of my blog so I’m going to just put the link here. (Yes the link in on the “link”. :))

And next we have…….. The BALANCED !!

The work in school is pretty hard to me. I need to write/type lot of paragraph for example the art reflection  or the technology reflection that I just showed you( even though it’s a good thing, but still……)to get a good mark. And work pretty hard in class and after school at home. So when it’s recess time I always try relax and have some fun so that I won’t get too tired. This is for every subject except for PE by the way.

So…….. Let’s just check out a picture or our recess time all right  guys?

( ~~~ All right ~~~)  Good.

An then we’ve got…….. PRINCIPLED

Nearly every subject we need our laptop. So it’s very important to make sure we can use it every day by charging it properly and alsoI was principled at keeping my computer safe s and take cared properly.

Here’s some examples:

At the beginning of the first semester I used to carry all my stuff like laptop, glasses, pencil case and books. It’s really hard to carry because there’s a lot of stuff and I almost dropped my computer once. From then on I decided to carry all of the on my bag even it’s pretty heavy but I still want to keep my computer safe.


Last unit in PE we made a video so we need our laptop   to record. I forgot to take mine so I had to run back and  get it. But when I got my computer I walked calmly and carefully so that I won’t drop it.


For Humanities class, we use our laptop a lot which requires us to charge 100 per cent the day before you have your class. Also I was able to keep myself to not play minecraft for too long.

Here’s a Humanities work.


We often have Tutor classes at the very end of the day, which mean if we had Humanities or Technology or even both earlier today, our computer batteries probably won’t have much left so we might bring our on charger that day or brow from the library.

And next we have…….. THINKER !!

In my old school in China, I have learnt a lot of stuff that I could use some of them here in YIS. Here’s one examples.

In Japanese class we learn about some kanjis which is similar to Chinese character  but a really old type. So sometime I can use some of the Chinese character in my old school in China to understand the meaning of the kanjis.

This Japanese Kanji for example is “Iriguchi” which mean “Exit” in English also in Chinese, and the even whitened the same way.

And FINALLY ( Drum rolls ~~~~~~~~~~)  We have KNOWLEDGEABLE …….. Which I kinda needs to improve.

For all those subject requires one basic thing —- language ability in this case in YIS it’s English. Because my mother tongue is not English and I haven’t been learning for really long time so mine is not really good. That affects those subject because there’s some words for sentences that I might know in Chinese but not in English. So if I improve on that ( which I’m doing right now  ) I’ll be able to understand more in class and doing works as well. Theses are most showed in EAL; Math; Science and English.

(PS: This Google presentation has more than one slides.:))


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