Hi world, my name is Akiko. I am 12 years and in 6th grade , I come from Mexico City and I lived in Mexico for 11 years old and I live 1 year in Japan. I have a REALLY dark brown hair color and my eyes are brown too. My nationality is Mexican but I’m half Japanese.  My hobbies are soccer, volleyball and basketball, I really like sports because sport’s are cool and I can have a lot of fun with my friends.unnamed

This pictures is from the last season of Futsal we won some game but just like 3 games the photo is from A and B team at ASJI it was our first game.




I love travel the world, I already went to different countries, and I think is good travel to different countries because you can know the culture and how you can adapt with them. My dream is go to New York because my friends told me that NY is really a nice place to travel and I want to go because it looks really cool for the people who likes buy clothes and stuff and I’m one of them.


I like to be friendly and nice to everyone because I think if you’re mean, people cannot feel good and that’s not good, sometimes I’m negative when I feel that I can’t do it but at the last time I know that I can do it “everyone can do it” so I’m always positive I guess (: .This is a picture of me.

My best friends are Kalea, Maia and Sophie you should click the links to check their blogs because they have a lot of interesting thing is their about me. The best thing in this world for me is stay with my friends and make more moments and memories together because they’re really nice (:.

10981211_625655840899555_681092735067778732_nThis picture is one of my favourite pics because they’re my best friends and we took this pic before our party in our school.

My favourite colours are blue and purple, and my favourite movie is called Instructions no included. My addictions are taking photos with my friends, hangout with them too, watching so covers from Youtube this are my favourite covers ( Crazy in Love & Chandelier) and I like talk to my friends by different social media because it’s fun.


This is my favourite song called “Elastic Heart” by Sia  because I think is cool and I like the meaning of the song, I really recommended (IS REALLY GOOD).

Don’t forget to smile 🙂

Bye 🙂 <3