Poison in Mars?

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Today in Science we were talking about issues that can happen if there’s photosynthesis in Mars, we got some options and I picked poison because it’s a bit obvious because poison is really dangerous for people and I wanted to see if it’s same for plants.

In Mars there’s a really big problem and that’s the poison and the soil for the plants and poison is pretty dangerous for our bodies and also for the plants if we want to plant them, for example one of the poisons you can find in Mars is Ammonia and the cause of that poison is eye irritation, coughing and sore throat. In Mars if there’s no soil then it will be really hard to keep the plants and they won’t grow at all.

People want to plant more plants in Mars because it can help them live with new things like vegetables and maybe fruits and they can eat them with their food that they bring from the earth. The reason I said it’s not always true but what people might like to plant is the Boston Fern and that’s a really simple plant that might people like or maybe if it’s “too simple” maybe another one could be Flamingo Lily.

The solution that could help make the plants grow more or stay healthy or alive will be to bring soil to Mars, that will help the plants stay alive and because of that our bodies will get oxygen from the plants and we will live. In Mars there’s no soil that we can get from so if we get the soil from Earth consist in the capable of growing plants. A big issue is that the soil that people get from the Earth has a limited amount that people can use in one day super easily so because of that there will be an issue of growing plants.

The solution for the poison will be to make sure that the plants are in a different place like they can get there own space where they are growing. The poison could be everywhere in Mars but we will never know where it is so that why the plants should be far away from doors and get water as many times as you can because first the plants will grow and then because of the plants then the spaceship or your “home” will have more oxygen and then you will get enough to breath.

Lastly, I think if you are gonna live in Mars then you should make sure that you have seeds for like vegetables so you can have different things to eat in the future and also make sure to bring some soil for the plants because it will make them grow better and healthier. Also be aware with the poison around Mars!

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