Hello everyone! This week has been really nice because we got to participate in a new event called “Dragon Day”. This event was about making things together like for example Middle School get to know more Elementary and High School. So now I’m gonna tell you how was the project.

Designing my project was really fun because my group worked together and we communicated very well so we ended up having a great big poster with a dragon with our team name and a lot of people liked it.

This are some of the reasons why I liked my group.

  • We came up with a such great ideas
  • We all worked really hard
  • I got to talk with new students
  • We ended up having a great project

During Dragon Day we used some ATL’s skills our group used Collaboration Skills because we all collaborated with the project by making the slideshow and the poster and we had each others back, we also used the Critical Thinking Skills by coming up with an idea, design and logo. Lastly, we used Communication Skills during the presentation and when we talked with some teachers and some students.

Our team had really fun times but one of my best moments during this project was the moment when we started to create the design for the poster because we had a lot of fun and we got to know each other more. Also the time when we started to coming up with great ideas at the start of the project, we all had great ideas for the project and we all listen and gave feedback or comments and we also got super excited to start the project.


During the presentations we got to see other people’s ideas and one thing I learned during this activity was that another group from the artist team wanted to have like a huge poster of YIS with a really big dragon in the middle to represent YIS and tiny pieces of paper at the back of students writing something about them like their name or something about YIS like something about the community or maybe a drawing of what they wanted. They had this idea because they wanted to represent that Once a Dragon, Always A Dragon.

If I get to do another activity or something similar I will try to give an example of how my idea looks like so the audience can have the idea of what I want to show to them. Also I would like to show them more or tell them more about the details of my project because we didn’t really have that much time to show it and a lot of people came so once person couldn’t do it a lot but everything else was fine

I think something awesome I did during this project was maybe the dragon on the poster because a lot of students and teachers said good things about that. Also maybe being a good member of the the team by listening everyone’s opinions and also making other people focused in the work if they weren’t focusing.